Monday, December 17, 2012

Rumored Deal for 2013

Hi there Disney friends!

So like I said I am planning to be a better blogger, so here I am!

Ok so there is a spectacular deal being rumored to be available starting January 3rd!  It is rumored to be up to 30% off rooms and discounts on park tickets if you add them to your room package!  Discounted tickets is unheard of usually, so this really is a great deal.  Usually you get a discounted room OR some other sort of discount, so to have them combined is truly awesome!  The deal runs from February 18th to June 14th and is available at most resorts, the one we know for sure that will be most likely blocked is the Art of Animation Little Mermaid Rooms.  You can book this deal between the dates of January 3rd and May 31st.

Please contact me to inquire more.  The phone lines will be crazy when this deal is offered, so be sure to let me know what you want ahead of time so I can have a booking already in place when I call and I can simply make the change!  All you need to do is put down a $200 deposit, although if you are looking at a last minute February trip, your final payment will be due almost imediately!

Keep in mind that the dates for this deal include Spring Break, as well as Star Wars Weekends.  We attended Star Wars Weekends last year and LOVED it!  Look for a review on that in an upcoming post!!

Please keep in mind that this is all speculation right now!  Nothing will be for sure until the deal is officially released, but the source this came from is pretty reliable! 

Information from: user danny25 on the

Have a Disney Day!


2013 Resolution - Keep Up With My Blog!!'s been a LONG time!!!  My life has been very busy, but that doesn't mean I am not still busy booking Disney trips.  In fact, I think I have more booked for 2013 than I have in any other year.  To say business is going well and I am growing is an understatement!  I couldn't be happier.  I am still doing my part time job at the hospital as well, so that makes for a busy life and doesn't leave me much time to get on here, but for my 2013 resolution I am going to make an effort, to do better with keeping up with this page and my facebook page.  I really want to grow my business, so if you are still reading here or get auto messages of new posts, pass it on to friends!

For now I am going to try and get back into regular postings, so keep a look out!  I'm hoping to double my bookings that I already have for 2013...maybe even have a few giveaways and some fun!!  Bring on the Disney Magic and let's ring in the new year!!

I'll be back with more fun in the upcoming weeks and in the new year! 

Have a Magical Day!!