Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Month in WDW - May 2014

Hi everyone!!

So the Spring Break craziness has settled and we are getting ready to welcome in the summer months of Disney, but before we do, we get the lazy light days of May!!  What a great month to visit!!  If you can avoid Memorial Day weekend and you will be good to go!

This month will also see the end of the Flower and Garden Festival, the beginning of Star Wars Weekends, and the next 24 hour event!  Lots going on!!  So with's this month in WDW!

Park Hours for May 2014

Refurbishment Schedule: (last updated 4/24/2014)

Magic Kingdom® Park
Pirates of the Caribbean
Tomorrowland Transit Authority - Peoplemover          
Astro Orbiter
Liberty Belle Riverboat
Carousel of Progress
Apr. 28 - May 1, 2014
Jun. 2 - Aug. 4, 2014
Jun. 2 - Sep. 19, 2014
Aug. 4 - 8, 2014
Aug. 25 - Sep. 4, 2014


Disney's Hollywood Studios®

Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park
Festival of the Lion King
It's Tough to be a Bug
Jan. 6, 2014 - TBD
Jul. 7 - Aug. 11, 2014

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House
Roof Refurbishment Mar. 1 - May 3, 2014

Disney's Boardwalk Inn
Kouzzina by Cat Cora
Location Closing
Sep. 30, 2014

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Garden View Tea Room
Perfectly Princess Tea Party will take place at CĂ­tricos
Jun. 30 - Aug. 29, 2014

Disney's Polynesian Resort
General Construction
The east portion of the beach (near the Transportation and Ticket Center)
and Sunset Point are being refurbished and are unavailable. Guests may see or hear work in progress.
Dec. 2013 - Mar. 2015
The Never Land Club
Children's Activity Centers at four other locations are available: Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney's Beach Club Resort and the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel.
Jan. 28 - May 25, 2014
Capt. Cook's
Capt. Cook's will be relocated to a temporary location in the Great Ceremonial House with modified operating hours and menu items.
Apr. 9 - Jul. 2014
Great Ceremonial House - Lobby
The atrium is being reimagined to highlight the cultural elements of Polynesia and provide more expansive views. At certain times of day, there may be some noise and alternative paths of travel may be needed throughout the Great Ceremonial House. To enhance the check-in experience, Guests are encouraged to participate in Online Check-In.
Mar. - Dec. 2014

Downtown Disney® Area
Team Mickey Athletic Club Jan. 27 - Jun. 13, 2014
Parking Lots E, F, G
Location Closing
Mar. 18, 2014
La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil                 May 11 - 26, 2014

Golf Courses/Miniature Golf
Oak Trail
                                                  May 21 - Jun. 4, 2014
                                                  May 21 - Jun. 4, 2014

Information and dates subject to change without notice.

Special Events:
Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot runs through May 18th!
Star Wars Weekends - begins May 16th!!
24 Hour Event - May 23rd MK opens at 6am and stays open until May 24th at 6am.  Reopens for regular operating hours on May 24th at 9am.

Happy travels and have a Disney day!!


Friday, April 25, 2014

MyMagic+ - Hard To Get FP+ Reservations...aka Anna and Elsa!

So for those of you that follow my Facebook page, I am sure you saw that after trying day after day to get fastpass+ reservations for Anna and Elsa (if you have been living under a rock the last several months, these are the very popular sisters from Disney's Frozen - the top grossing uber popular animated film!) I finally secured them for our trip in just a couple weeks!!

If you don't book your FP+ selections at 60 days out the sisters can be nearly impossible to get.  I am guessing this will also be the case with the soon to open Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but I think that that won't be quite as bad as it will have longer hours and a faster turnover as well as larger capacity.  Anna and Elsa currently only meet from 9am-5pm, so there are 8 short hours to be able to meet this popular duo!

How did I do it you ask?  

Login in to your My Disney Experience account.  If you don't have is the time to set it up!

Once you are logged in you will see the following....
Click on the link to Make Selections for FP+
Once you do that it is a very simple step by step process.  You pick your park and then you pick who you are booking for.  This is where you want to do things a bit differently!!!
  1. Only select ONE person and that person must be over the age of 7.
  2. Scroll down to see if that hard to get FP+ reservation is available.  If it is then select it.  Don't bother picking your other two.  Let the site auto pick them for you, you can go back and alter what you don't like later!
  3. Next you are going to go to My Itinerary:
  4. Pick the date you want and your itinerary for that date will pop up.  At the top of the screen you will see + Add Plans.  A drop down will appear.  Select Manage Fastpass+.
  5. You will now select to copy the fastpass+ selections to another person.
  6. Pick the person that has the FP+ reservations you want to copy.
  7. Then pick the person you want to copy them to.  Repeat this process with all those that you need to copy it too.  

As you can see above my mom had already been copied, so that is why her arrow is not green and there are no more screen shots!  :-)  The times for the popular attraction, in this case Anna and Elsa will not be exactly the same, which is why you cannot book them all at once, but they will overlap, making it so that you can all go at the same time at some point.  You just have to wait until the last start time for your group is eligible and go then.  If the time for one is way off and does not overlap, take it and then go back in and edit the others to work with that persons time.  This works most of the time if there is availability, but not always.  On one day I was able to get 3 out of 4 of us, securing the final 3 FP+ reservations for that date apparently.  Since we all want to go together, I cancelled those and chose another day.  

I hope this helps some of you get the hard to get FP+ reservations!!  

And of course, if you booked your trip with me, I will do this ALL for you!!!  As I did today for one awesome family traveling in June!

Remember, we travel agents will do as much or as little as you want.  So please consider booking your trip with me.  This information does have value.  ;-)

Have a magical trip and and please share pictures on our Facebook page of your meet and greet with Elsa and Anna!!

MyMagic+ - Linking your tickets

Another recent article from Disney regarding linking your tickets and other tips.

Linking Theme Park Tickets
Tip #1 – Before linking Theme Park Tickets, your Client should set up their additional party members in the ‘Family and Friends’ section. Once this has been completed, your Client should assign one Theme Park ticket to each of the party members in the drop down list.
Tip #2 – If a Client has multiple tickets linked to their account, they should contact the Help Desk or stop by Guest Services to learn what order the tickets will be used when entering the Theme Parks. It may not be in the order they were linked.
Tip #3 – If your Clients are not using personalized MagicBands, encourage them to write the names of each party member on the RF-enabled card. Knowing which card belongs to which person will help your Clients enter the Theme Parks and the FastPass+ lines more quickly.
Making Disney FastPass+ Selections in Advance
Tip #1 – When your Client books a stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, they can makeFastPass+ selections up to 60 days prior to check-in for the entire length of their stay, just like booking dine reservations. 
Tip #2 – Those Clients that purchase tickets before they arrive can choose their FastPass+experiences up to 30 days in advance of each day of their theme park visit.
Disney Resort hotel Guests receive a MagicBand included with their stay to make their vacation more fun and convenient than ever before. MagicBands are also available for purchase at select merchandise locations.

As a side note from this, many people think they need their tickets in hand to link them.  This is not the case.  You need your confirmation number from the purchase to link them.  So if you are planning to get your tickets at will call, once you order from me or Disney you will get a confirmation number under a barcode in an email.  That confirmation number is what you will use to link the tickets to your account.  I recently did this for a client and it is super easy!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

MyMagic+ - MAJOR Changes!!

Hi everyone!! 

So as I shared on my Facebook page today, there are some BIG changes coming to Fastpass+ starting Monday, April 28th!

We won't know all the ins and outs until the changes actually take effect, but here is what Disney has to say about it:

Today we are excited to share that starting on Monday, April 28, 2014, all Walt Disney World®Resort Guests will be able to make additional FastPass+ selections at in-park kiosks after they have redeemed their original (up to three) selections.
  • Guests will be able to make one additional selection at a time, based on availability. After they redeem that additional selection, they can go to a FastPass+ kiosk to make another selection, and so on. (The additional FastPass+ selections must be made at a kiosk only.)
  • Guests will be able to make their additional selection(s) for an experience at which they already redeemed a FastPass+ selection earlier that day.
  • Guests with valid park-hopping privileges will be able to make their additional selection(s) at another park. Those selections must be made at a kiosk in the park where the desired experience is located. 
I for one am VERY excited about these changes and I will be paying very close attention to all that comes out of this over the next week or two.  We arrive in just 20 days and I can't wait to give it all a try.  I am happy to be able to get to test all of this hands on for all of you and share my experiences with it.  I may actually be able to get on board with all this Fastpass+ nonsense!  

Have a magical evening everyone and stay tuned for more details!!  I will be sharing as I get them.  Please follow the Facebook page and twitter as that is where you will most likely see it first.  :-)

Driving to Disney....

Good morning everyone!

So you are thinking of driving to Disney?  Been there, many times, and up until a great deal came out for airfare we were doing the big drive again in a couple weeks!  It is not nearly as bad as some may think.  When we drive we are coming from southeastern Pennsylvania.  Total drive time is about 16-17 hours.

So how do we make it work?  Well with some trial and error we have figured out the best equation for a successful Disney road trip!

Know your travelers, and by this I mean kids!  For us, my son does not sleep well in the car.  A nap here or there, but no long stretches.  Therefore overnight driving is not an ideal choice for us.  We tried doing the dinner time drive start and going through the night, but we found that we were having to stop midway and sleep, adding expense to our travels.  So our solution is getting up at daybreak or even before - 4-5am - and hitting the road for an all day road trip!  When doing this we end up in WDW by 8-9pm.

For whatever reason doing the whole drive in one day makes it seem like it is not as bad.  There is something about getting it all done and out of the way in one day.  The thought of stopping and waking up to get back in a car is just awful to me, but for some this is ideal for them.  Again, knowing your travel party and how they will travel best is what is going to make the drive a success.

Have LOTS of activities for the littles!!  Yes they are going to be bored, yes it is a LONG ride, but planning well can make it not quite so awful and can bring the constant are we there yet questions to a minimum.  What we bring - iPods, portable dvd players with new movies and classic Disney, 3DS game systems, coloring books, activity books, reading books, leap pad readers, you name it, we bring it.  They are allowed a couple toys too.  Basically they pack a fun bag and that's what they have to entertain themselves.  :-)

We also make sure to point out where we are as we are driving through the states.  It is a little learning time and then we draw an imaginary line on the car ceiling and show them where we started, where we are and where we have to end up.  My kids are like me, visual learners, so seeing it makes it not so daunting.

Encourage sleeping!!  Chances are they won't do it, and I agree this is why if you can do it driving through the night is kind of nice.  I tell my two that if they rest their eyes for a bit, when they wake up we may be in a whole new state, making us that much closer to Disney.  Sometimes it works, but usually it doesn't.  With our early start time it is always fun for them to wake up and we are almost to Virginia!!

Another thing we do is try to make it tank to tank and limit stops.  The less you stop the faster you get there.  Yes, there are needs for potty stops, but we bring a portable potty or pull into quick rest stops.  I am all about getting there as quickly as possible.  No stopping at a sit down meal, just go.  We pack a cooler and bring snacks.  We hit up a drive thru, etc.

Everyone will have different tips on how to make the drive work best for them, but for us this is it.  We get there around 8/9pm and get a great night sleep so we are ready to go for day one and a full fun filled day in the parks!!

Make sure you factor in all your trip costs when deciding if driving is better than flying for your family.  You can do a gas calculator on mapquest.  Not 100%, but I think it over estimates the cost as we are usually below that amount.  Our minivan driving down is around $150-$200 each way based on current gas prices.  Be sure to include the cost of food and snacks that you will grab at the gas stops.  Also include the wear and tear on your vehicle.  It is just under 1000 miles for us one way, plus all the driving around down there that we do.  My husband is against us taking our own car anymore, so if that is a factor for you make sure you calculate the cost of a rental car.  When you add it all up it may still be way less to drive than fly, but keep your eye out for deals.  Like I said at the beginning of this post, we were planning to drive in May, but then a deal for just $635 round trip for four of us came up and that was just too good to pass up!!

Happy travels!!  Just remember, however you get there you are ending up in the Happiest Place on Earth, so it'll be awesome no matter what!!  And you get to drive in under the big favorite part!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tasty Tuesday - Tony's Town Square

Magic Kingdom can be lacking in easy to get into non character dining locations.  One we like to eat at is Tony's Town Square.  It is located right as you enter the park and if you are in the mood for some comfort food, it hits the spot!  Who doesn't enjoy pasta!

Located to your right as you enter the Magic Kingdom, Tony's Town Square Restaurant is themed after the restaurant in Lady and the Tramp.  You all know the scene where Lady and the Tramp go for the same piece of spaghetti and slurp it up into a kiss.  :-)

Is this fine Italian dining at it's absolute best?  No, but it is a fun tasty treat located within the Magic Kingdom park.  Don't go there expecting a 5 star meal, but more along the lines of Olive Garden and you will definitely enjoy your meal.  For a more top notch Italian meal check out the World Showcase!

  • Location: Town Square Magic Kingdom Park
  • Meals Served: Lunch and Dinner
  • Style: Menu
  • Price: $$
  • Dining Plan: 1 credit
  • Characters Featured: None
ADR Need: Medium
  • Disney allows you to make reservations 180 days before your vacation.  If this restaurant at normal eating hours is important to you, you may need to plan that far out!  It's not always the case, but this really depends on when you go.  If you have your trip planned and book far out then I would definitely recommend booking far out.  
Would I recommend it?
  • Yes, if you are not a finicky Italian food eater you will enjoy this restaurant.  Like I said above it is good, but not the best Italian food on property by any means.  Our family enjoys it.  The kids like the Lady and the Tramp theming and I am always up for a big plate of pasta!
The Menus (courtesy of All Ears):
Happy Dining!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Magical Monday

The weather is beautiful here in Pennsylvania and life is crazy too!!  I hope things are great in your neck of the woods!  Here's to a Magical Monday everyone!

Promotion News:

Intro to Magic Promotion -
You have until this Sunday, April 20th, to book a late spring or late summer/early fall trip with a great deal!!  You can get the Memory Maker for free as well as a room discount!  This is the deal my family is traveling with this May!  :-)  Dates for this deal are 4/28-6/15 and 8/15-9/30!  With only contact me for more details!
rumors of other fall deals on the horizon, it is best to book this now and then alter to the other deal once it is released.  Feel free to

Summer Promotion -
There is still plenty of time to book for this summer!!  The deal gets better the more time you spend there.  Staying for 6 nights or more and getting at least a 6 day hopper ensures a higher discount and a deal on tickets as well.  The deals are still great when staying for 5 nights or less as you still get a discount on the room and hey - any discount is better than no discount, right?!

There is a pretty strong rumor out there from some very reliable sources that FREE dining is just days away from being released, so stay tuned.  As of now it would be mainly September dates with a extension into other fall dates later.

Around the World News:

The Flower and Garden Festival is in full bloom and runs through May 18th!  This yearly event is something to be seen, if you haven't before.  The way they transform Epcot is magnificent!  You can still catch this wonderful event on a great promotion if you book by April 20th.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is getting closer to it's debut.  Rumors are swirling about an opening date and the walls are down.  There is a big media event on April 30th-May2nd and those invited will most likely get a ride, so expect it to be open, at least as a soft opening around then.  I have my fingers crossed that it will be open when I am there this May!!  Here's a little sneak inside....spoiler alert for those that only want to see it first hand!!

What's New With Me:

Life is crazy!!  Spring sports are in full swing and so are all sorts of other activities for the kids!  We had a non stop action packed weekend and more to come just like it.  Both my kids play soccer and one does tball.  The other also dances.  To say that every night is filled with a different activity....let's just say I am looking forward to my week away!

As I mentioned in the last Magical Monday post we are headed to WDW!!  Yay!!  It is now just 4 weeks away and we definitely are counting down in our house.  We debated on surprising the kids or telling them and went for telling them.

Business is great and I am having fun every day sharing my love and the magic of Disney!  If you are wanting a free quote you can email me and we can chat.  :-)  Please remember that we, as travel agents, only make a living by booking/selling travel.  I love my blog and my Facebook page, but they don't make me anything and are simply a labor of love.  So if you like what you see here and on Facebook please consider using Be Our Guest Vacations to book your trip to WDW or any Disney Destination.  Disney builds that commission into the trip cost, so even if you book on your own, Disney is just keeping that money.  It is always nice to help small business thrive in this big business world, so consider utilizing our services for your next Disney vacation.  You can still be as involved as you want to be, but you also have an advocate on your side making sure that everything is getting done right.  I see many post on Facebook that they are going in so many days and wish I was a part of their vacation experience in more ways than just chatting via the internet.  Ok, off my soapbox now.  :-)  Regardless I love you all and appreciate the support, however it is given!

That's all for today guys!!  Have a great night and make this week Magical!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Be Our Guest Vacations @ the Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Ultimate Blog Party 2014
Hi everyone and welcome to Be Our Guest Vacations Blog!

This is a post for all of you that either have no idea who I am or who are joining us via the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom!  So hello and here ya go.....

For those of you new here, my name is Teresa and I am the owner of Be Our Guest Vacations.  Be Our Guest Vacations is a Disney travel agency.  We specialize in all things Disney.  My speciality is Walt Disney World, but I also book Disneyland vacations, Disney Cruises, and Adventures by Disney!

A little more about me - I am a mother of two Disney addicts in training.  My daughter, Emma is 8 and my son Owen is 6.  I have just recently made my travel agency my full time job and I am loving it so far!  My husband and I have been married almost 11 years!  We take family vacations every year, one to, yup you guessed it Disney World, and then summer trips to the beach and the Lake George.  I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, but in my job I have booked trips for people all over the United States.  It is truly awesome to connect with some many different people every day!

About the blog - The blog is a place for me to come and share tips, the latest offerings and Disney Destinations, share my opinion on things, etc.  There is a little bit of everything, from dining reviews to resort reviews.  Tips and tricks of the best way to tour Disney, save for disney and have fun while there!!  I have devoted several years to this little business of mine and I am slowly growing it into something more than a project and turning it into a full time career!

Take a look around and see what there is to see!  We just hosted a giveaway after my Facebook page hit 1000 likes!  We are now at almost 1300 and hope to see it grow even more.  I love the interaction with my "Disney friends" and we have fun sharing ideas and messaging back and forth.  Twice a month I host an Ask and Answer session live on Facebook.  We also offer a private group for those out there that book a trip with us.  

I love my job and I have a true passion for it!!  If you are in the market to book a Disney vacation you have definitely come to the right place!!  We will become great friends during the booking and planning process!  I always treat your vacation as if it were my very own.  My cell phone number is yours to text me with questions while on the go!  I will help you book your dining and anything else you may need!

Check us out on Twitter (@BeOurGuestVacas), Instagram and Pinterest as well!!!  Looking forward to a fun "party"!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MyMagic+ - More changes...for the better!

Hi there everyone!!

Well spring is in full swing and life is crazy with two kids in TOO many activities!!  But I just had to share so exciting MyMagic+ enhancements are hopefully on the way and fast!!  (Really crossing my fingers for before our May trip!!)

Here is the latest information as stated on the Disney Travel Agents page....they never share with us unless it is going to happen!!

As we announced earlier this week, MyMagic+ is now available to both Walt Disney World Resort hotel Guests and Day Guests (those who are not staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotel).
Now all of your Clients have the ability to reserve access to some of their favorite experiences with Disney FastPass+. And coming soon, your Clients will have the ability to add and enjoy additional FastPass+ selections on the day of their visit, after they have redeemed their first three selections. In addition, your Clients will be able to use their FastPass+ service at more than one park per day. Please note these features will be available soon. Stay tuned to Disney Travel News for more information.

It was also posted in a more detailed article on the Disney Parks Blog.  If/when this does happen it will completely change my opinion of Fastpass+.  Right now I am not it's biggest fan, mainly because I do not like only getting 3 per day in ONE park and I definitely dislike the tiers set in place at some parks.  However if they make these changes and continue to listen to guest feedback to make it better, then I would definitely be on board!!  If/when this happens I already have an idea of how I will tour the parks and tips for you too!!

Stay Tuned!!!  :-)

MagicBands and Fastpass+ for offsite guests

Good morning!!

On Monday, March 31st, Disney continued there expansion of the MyMagic+.  Now guests staying offsite can enjoy some of the same privileges of MyMagic+ as onsite guests do.  I say some because there are some differences.

Difference number 1 - onsite guests can book their Fastpass+ reservations at 60 days out from checkin.  Offsite guests have to wait until 30 days out.  While this will not hugely impact most selections, popular attractions may be long gone by the time their window opens - think meet and greet with the Frozen characters Anna and Elsa!

Difference number 2 - onsite guests get a MagicBand for FREE with their resort reservation, whether it be a room only and they buy their tickets separately or have them from a previous trip or as part of a package.  Offsite guests have to purchase their MagicBand for $12.95 plus tax per band.  If they chose not to purchase a band their park ticket will work the same as a MagicBand would.

Difference number 3 - obviously just as before when staying offsite your MagicBand or ticket would not have any charging abilities.

Here's the media sent to travel agents from Disney:

As part of the test-and-adjust process for MyMagic+, Day Guests (those Guests who are not staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel) are now able to make FastPass+ selections 30 days in advance of their trip and can purchase MagicBands to link to their plans in My Disney Experience.
Day Guests may make FastPass+ selections for each day they have admission linked in My Disney Experience starting 30 days in advance of their visit.
While day Guests are not issued MagicBands, they may use their RF-enabled theme park admission to enter the theme parks and redeem FastPass+ selections, or they may purchase a MagicBand and link their theme park admission to the MagicBand.
MagicBands will be available to purchase for $12.96 plus tax at Walt Disney World Resort Park merchandise locations and atDowntown Disney®. They will be available in all seven colors – pink, blue, red, green, orange, gray and yellow.
After a MagicBand is purchased, Cast Members will link the Guest’s admission media (or other RF media such as an existingMagicBand or Memory Maker card) to the retail MagicBand. If the Guest’s ticket is already linked to his/her My Disney Experience account, all of the plans, such as tickets, dining reservations and FastPass+ selections, will be seamlessly linked to their new MagicBand. 
Touch to pay is not available for day Guests. Only Guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels who establish charging privileges upon check-in are able to touch to pay using MagicBands or RF-enabled theme park tickets.
As a reminder, MagicBands are available to all Guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Magical Monday! (Late)

Good Evening everyone!!

Yes it is Tuesday and not Monday, but hey, at least I am posting something, right?  LOL

Promotion News:

So yesterday ended the springtime promotion for up to 30% off your room and discount on your park tickets once you purchased 4 days or more, BUT that doesn't mean you still can't go to Disney this spring on a discount!!  The Intro to Magic offer is going strong through April 20th.  This great deal includes the Memory Maker for free as well as a room discount!!  Dates available - 4/27 to 6/15 AND 8/15-9/27!  While the discount is not quite as good as the spring promotion it still is there and a savings!!

If a spring trip just isn't in the cards for you this year, but you want to head there this summer, well there is a great summer promotion going on as well!!!  This promotion can be booked through 6/15 and is good for dates from 6/15 to 8/28!  It includes a room discount AND a deal on tickets if you book for 6 nights or more.  The room discount is there for 5 nights or less too, just better when you add that sixth night!  Be sure to check it out here!

Around the World News:

Yesterday also marked the start of Magic Bands and Fastpass+ PREbooking being available to off site guests.  I plan to write up a blog post on this, so stay tuned for more information on how this will effect your offsite trip.  Key points - off site guests can book their fastpass+ up to 30 days out, onsite guests keep the advantage here with a 60 day booking window.  If offsite guests want a MagicBand it will cost them $12.95 plus tax, where it is FREE for onsite guests.

Parking fees went up yesterday in WDW as well.  The second increase this year.  It is still less to park in WDW then it is a local sporting event though, so that is saying something.  AND onsite guests as well as Annual Passholders still enjoy FREE parking.  Parking is now $17/day at Walt Disney World parks.  It is transferrable from park to park, so if you park hop you will not have to pay the fee again. When pricing out an offsite vacation to WDW, be sure to include parking fees in your budget.

What's New With Me:

Well.....we are going to Disney World!!  That's right, this May my kids and myself, along with my mom are headed to Disney!  I am so excited to test out all the newness that has happened since our trip last June, less than one year ago.  Since then Legacy Fastpass has left, fastpass+ is all the rage, no more room keys, just Magic Bands, hopefully a ride on the Dwarf Mine Train, new parade and I am sure more that I am not even thinking of!  We are taking part in BOTH Star Wars dining experiences and will get to enjoy Star Wars Weekends for the third year in a row.  Look for regular posts via twitter and Facebook and definitely some fun reviews when I get back!!

That's all for today guys!!  Have a great night and make this week Magical!!

PS - Starting Friday at midnight I will be participating in 5 minutes for Mom's Ultimate Blog Party 2014!  Look for my post and join in the fun!!