Friday, July 23, 2010

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This Week in WDW History....Fastpass was introduced!

Hello Disney fans!!

So on July 21, 1999 the first Disney Fastpass was given out at Kilimanjaro Safari! I honestly cannot imagine Disney without the fastpass system that we all know and love! And rumor has it that a popular Disney attraction will be getting a fastpass...what attraction - Dumbo! Yup the flying elephant is apparently joining the FP family! :-)

Now I said I cannot imagine WDW without FP, but I do remember it! I was in WDW when the castle was decorated like a big pink birthday cake - yes it happened and if you didn't see it be glad!! (Some did like it...but that is a whole nother post!!) The year - 1996 the month - July - the ride - Splash Mountain - the line 120 minutes! We was insane, now I am spoiled and don't wait in anything over 20-25 mintues!! I also don't go to WDW in July.

Show a little magic....

Hey my fellow Disney fans...

So I think a good idea is to share the magic. Everyday in every way, there is something you can do to show a little magic to our neighbors. When in the "World" everyone is so kind (well at least almost everyone) and people are kind to each other. So why not implement that treatment in our everyday life.

Today - show some magic to your neighbor by - holding the door open even if it means you have to stand there for an extra minute. Take the time to smile and say hello as well. This is something I try to do everyday. Most times I get a thank you which makes it all worth while. But even if I don't it brings a smile to my face knowing that I did a little something for someone else, even if it was something just as small as holding open a door! :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Debate - How Young is Too Young?

You will get opinions from EVERYONE about what age is the RIGHT age to take your child to Walt Disney World. My best advice, nod and say ok and then decide for yourself. No one knows what the right age is but you!

For me I took my children as babies. My daughter made her first trip to WDW at the ripe old age of 7 weeks! Yup you read right! Many thought I was insane, but seriously, it was one of the easiest trips with children I have ever taken! I nursed, so I didn't have bottles to worry about. She wasn't even eating solids, so I didn't need that. I sat her in the travel system and pushed her around or put her in the front pack and I was off. My family was with us and I was able to go on the major attractions and utilize the Child/Baby Swap. My son was 3 months on his first trip, and while a bit tougher since I then had almost 2.5 year old too, he was the easier of the two!

Now many will say, oh I want to wait until they can remember. Seriously??? For me I don't get this. I remember every moment of my children's faces and delight in Disney. My son is still talking daily about his trip a 6 months ago. (He is 2.5 now.) Will he remember it at 10, 20, 30? Probably not, but I will! I will remember that first ride with him on Goofy's Barnstormer (Goofy Rollercoaster to my son) and the way he got so excited and his face lit up. I remember my daughter's first ride on the Barnstormer as well and that was 2.5 years ago. Now she probably doesn't remember it, but like I said I do! So for me it is not about them remembering it is about me remembering and making memories of my children!

Plus if you wait until they are older, isn't a little bit of the magic gone? No not from Disney, but the innocence of children only last so long! If you wait til they are like 10, then more likely than not they know that that is not really Mickey, but at 3, 4, 5, 6 they are pretty darn sure that that is THE Mickey Mouse! And there is something magical about that!

Also let us not forget - under 3 is FREE!!! So as was my tip on Facebook a few weeks ago - take them at least once before 3, even if it is when they are 2 years, 11 months and 28 days!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday's Question

Hello to all my Disney Friends!

So last week I asked where you all liked to many think Disney is not a relaxing vacation. I think it is all what you make of it.

This week my question to you all is this - What is your first stop (after checking in of course) when you get to the World?

For me I cannot wait to get myself into the magic of the Magic Kingdom! When I step off the boat, or monorail, or bus, however it is I got there and see the train station and gardens my heart skips a beat! Then when I walk into the park and head towards main street and look up and see the iconic Cinderella's Castle I feel like I am 5 again!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing the castle and all that it symbolizes!

How about you - what is your first stop? Comment and let me know!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

Are you going to Disney at a busy time? Are you curious as to what the crowds may be like? There are so many ways to do research this, but the one I know most about is - I have used their crowd calendar several times. I don't pay for the service, but you can. If you don't pay for it you can see 30 days out. You will see that I post the information both here and on facebook, saving you time from having to go find it yourself. There is also I have not used this, so I can't really comment on it!

Touring Plans crowd calendar basically goes up to a 10 and the closer to 10 the more crowded it is. It also tells you the best park and the parks to avoid on a given day. It is a helpful tool. I wouldn't say to follow it 100%, but maybe use it as a guideline. I believe they encourage you to avoid Extra Magic Hour days, but I am a fan of EMH, especially in the evening, so that is why I say use it as a guideline, but don't make it be the be all end all! :-)

On the science of the crowd calendar and what the numbers all mean for you go here -

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How Crowded Is Disney today???

Hey Disney Goers!!

So are you in Disney today? Are you thinking of going to Disney this time next year? Want to know what it is like in Disney today? Well here ya go....

Crowd level today is an 7 out of 10, so crowded, but not insane!! The Best Park is Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom and the Worst is Epcot. (courtesy of

High today is 91, but it will feel like 102, so not as bad! Also no thunderstorms in the forecast, but be prepared just in case, this is Florida after all!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Crowded is Disney today???

Hey Disney Goers!!

So are you in Disney today? Are you thinking of going to Disney this time next year? Want to know what it is like in Disney today? Well here ya go....

Crowd level today is an 7 out of 10, so expect it to be CROWDED, but not as bad as the last couple of days!! The Best Parks are Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The Worst Park is Animal Kingdom. (courtesy of

Today's high will reach 92 and feel like a very hot and humid 106! Thunderstorms are possible, so grab the poncho!

(* A little tip - when it rains the crowds thin out, so if you can do it keep on moving with a poncho on and enjoy some lower crowd levels in the crowded summer time!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

How Crowded is Disney today???

Hey Disney Goers!!

So are you in Disney today? Are you thinking of going to Disney this time next year? Want to know what it is like in Disney today? Well here ya go....

Crowd level today is an 8 out of 10, so expect it to be CROWDED!! The Best Park is Epcot and the Worst is Hollywood Studios. (courtesy of

Today is much like yesterday, HOT!! High of 90, but it will feel like 102. Again there is a chance of thunderstorms, so get those ponchos and go, go, go!

(* A little tip - when it rains the crowds thin out, so if you can do it keep on moving with a poncho on and enjoy some lower crowd levels in the crowded summer time!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Crowded is Disney today?

Hey Disney Goers!!

So are you in Disney today? Are you thinking of going to Disney this time next year? Want to know what it is like in Disney today? Well here ya go....

Crowd level today is an 8 out of 10, so expect it to be CROWDED!! The Best Park is Animal Kingdom and the Worst is Magic Kingdom. (courtesy of

Today is not as hot as yesterday, but it is still HOT!! High of 90, but it will feel like 105. Again there is a chance of thunderstorms, so get those ponchos and go, go, go!

(* A little tip - when it rains the crowds thin out, so if you can do it keep on moving with a poncho on and enjoy some lower crowd levels in the crowded summer time!)

Debate - Dining Plan or No Dining Plan????

Dining Plan or No Dining Plan - that is the question. What is the answer you may ask....well that is completely up to you and depending on who you ask will you will get many different answers.

For me I am 100% a believer of the Disney Dining Plan! I utilize it to it's fullest potential. At roughly $42 a night for an adult and I think $12 per night for a child it really is a savings! There are several different tiers now of the dining plan, but the Disney Dining Plan is the most popular. This is the one that includes a snack, a quick service meal, and a table service meal per night of your stay per person in the room.

Here is why I LOVE the DDP!!!

We know how to use it and use it right. First of all know that while they differentiate between a child table service and an adult table service credit, they do NOT differentiate between a child and adult quick service. Important to know because you get a much better use out of your quick service if you are not using them on children meals. First off these usually are only $4.99 and second they usually aren't very good. An example of how we use a quick service meal - breakfast. We usually eat at the hotel and we get the bounty platter. Many resorts have this option. It is the most expensive of the breakfast options and it easily can feed an adult and 2 small children - I have done it! It comes with scrambled eggs, a Mickey waffle, hashbrowns, a biscuit, bacon and sausage. I think it may even come with pancakes, but I cannot remember. All I know is that if my mom or husband is there we order two of these for two adults and two kids and it EASILY feeds us all! We also get two drinks with each meal at breakfast, so we all have plenty to drink. If we were doing a quick service lunch or dinner a good example is at Cosmic Rays in the Magic Kingdom. Here is a good place to go for some variety - they have a half roasted chicken, ribs, and all the fixxin's - beans and mashed potatoes I believe. This can very easily feed a family! And what a fantastic use of your credit!!

Now Table is where you have decide wisely to be sure you are getting your moneys worth. Breakfast is usually not a costly meal, dinner is your best bet. Things cost the most - buffets, etc, so you are getting the most bang for your buck! For me the worst use of a table service credit is Cinderella's Royal Table. While a magical experience it cost TWO credits per person to eat here! I say pay out of pocket for it if you are going to do it. (It is a special time for your little princess!)

There is also the quick service and the deluxe and even ones above deluxe that for me just include WAY too much! But lets talk about the quick service briefly - this will give you two quick service meals, 2 snacks, and a refillable mug for everyone in your party for each night of stay. This is a bit cheaper than the Disney Dining Plan (here on referred to as DDP). It is great for those that don't want to waste time at a sit down restaurant, but want to know that they have their meals paid for. It can get a bit boring, but if you go to the right places you can change it up a bit. For a breakfast Quick Service (here on known as a QS) you can get two drinks (we usually get a bottled water and a juice) and a meal. For lunch or dinner QS you get a large drink, a meal, and a dessert. Plenty of food. Snacks can be something as little as a bottle of water or as grand as a milkshake or sundae! You can also use snacks at the bakery in Magic Kingdom for some oh so yummy pastries!

The Deluxe Disney Dining Plan - well this one is you get A LOT!!! 3 meals a day to use how you chose. I don't know too much about this one, because personally I think it is too much food and costs too much money for me to ever get my moneys worth out of it!

So there you have it - why I love the DDP!! I love knowing that I have all my food paid for up front. All I have to budget is for tips (I don't think I mentioned, but they are not included) and I love knowing that! :-) I like the regular DDP over the QSDP because I like to have the option to sit down, but I think that I may do a trip of just QS because I do like to go, go, GO! when at Disney!! :-)

Have a Disney Day!!

What are your thoughts - DDP or no????

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How crowded is Disney today???

So you are at home or if you are lucky your are in Walt Disney World, but what is going on down there today July 14th???

Well it is pretty crowded today! Crowd Calendar is reading a 8 out of 10! What does that mean for you down there in WDW???
The Best Parks today are Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and the worst is Animal Kingdom!

And it is HOT!! 92, but it feels like it is 108 with a chance of an thunderstorm today! (forecast courtesy of

Have you ever been to WDW in the summer????

Wednesday's Question

Hey all your Disney fans!

Here is your question -

Where is your favorite place to just relax in Disney World - not your resort room!!

For me I love going over to Fort Wilderness Campground when I am taking a break from it all. Not only do they have one of my favorite restaurants - Trail's End - but it is just such a peaceful, slow placed environment! I love taking the boat there from Magic Kingdom and walking to the mercantile shop right there and looking around. Then I let the kids play for a bit on the play ground. There is also a beach right when you get off the boat if you want to just lounge on a chair for a bit and really relax. Then if it is a meal time you better believe that I am walking into Trails End and hoping to get Big D or Gary - our favorite servers there - and having a delicious meal! Your belly will be full and statisfied! After a tasty meal it is over to the stables - check out all the horses - BEAUTIFUL! Let the kids take a pony ride and then you can hop a bus and ride around the campground to the meadows. If you are there at night be sure to get there in time to catch a Disney Classic. Before the movie there is a sing along with Chip and Dale! During the movie there is campfires and you can purchase marshmallows to roast! All in all a relaxing time and a lot of fun! And unless you eat at the restaurant, pay for the pony ride, or buy marshmallows it can be FREE fun at WDW!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

Hey there Disney Lovers!

On Facebook I posted my tip of the day, but they don't leave much room to get into all the fun details!!

So my tip of the day is...Stay On Site!!

There is nothing more magical than staying on Disney Property! You get to be surrounded by the magic of Disney from the time you wake up until you go to bed. Even your wake up call is magical!! :-) But if that isn't reason enough, here are some of the top reasons I think staying on site is where it's at!!

1.) Free Parking! We drive to Disney, so we have a car there. We like to drive about and sometimes drive to the parks. Well if you are off site and not an Annual Passholder, then you have to pay $12 a day to park!! So if you will have a car there and plan to use it, then factor this cost into your budget, or just stay on site!!

2.) Free Transportation! Yup that's right, if you are onsite you get a easy boat, bus, or monorail ride to and from your resort! This makes it VERY easy to take that midday break with the kids or just for yourself. It is very relaxing to let someone else do the driving.

3.) Extra Magic Hours! Now while the other two may have been ehhh to you, this is where it's at! Extra Magic Hours are for resort guests only. A certain park will open either 1 hour early or stay open 3 hours later than regular hours. So lets say Animal Kingdom is having morning extra magic hours (EMH for short) and their normal hours are 9 am to 5 pm. That means that if you are a resort guest you can enter the park at 8 am. Great for early birds. That I am not, so I LOVE evening EMH. In this case take Animal Kingdom again open from 9 am to 5pm and with evening EMH they will stay open til 8pm. Even better is when Epcot stays open til midnight! The crowds really thing down as the night goes on! We have even taken advantage of staying at Magic Kingdom til 2am!!

So there are a few of the reasons I LOVE being on site at Walt Disney World!!

Comment here at let us know why you love it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The First Post

Hey Disney Lovers!!

Ok so this is my first blog post. Some of you may know that I run a Disney Travel agency. I decided to do so because I KNOW Disney! I mean, really KNOW Disney! I have been there more times then I can count and at many different times of my life. I went as a small child, taking my first trip at 2. I went as a teenager, then as an adult, then on my honeymoon, then as a mommy with an infant, toddler, preschooler! As you can see I can help plan the perfect trip for every family type!

So why do I LOVE Disney?! Honestly - I don't know, I just do. Always have, always will! It is my happy place. Every time I go to any other theme park, I compare it to Disney and nothing comes close. We live in Pennsylvania and have quite a few amusement parks near us. We went to one last year and all day I kept saying, "Wow, if this were Disney ________!"

My children and I go at least once a year. My daughter has one more year before starting public school and I hope to somehow squeeze two trips in, but my husband is not as big of a Disney lover as I am. Oh he puts up with it, but it is not his idea of a good time. :-(

So why did I decide to start Be Our Guest Vacations? Well for years I have been the go to person for family and friends on all things Disney. I LOVE talking about it and helping people plan their trips, so when I found out it was something I could do and make a little extra money for doing so, I thought why not? The cost to my clients is absolutely NOTHING! FREE, FREE, FREE!! Disney pays me a commission to book your trip, but they do not tack anything on to your price, so it is the same price you would get if you booked yourself, but you get soooo much more!

First - I will be the one calling Disney, saving you time and money. When a discount is released, I apply it to your reservation - saving you money! Recently I booked a trip for a friend. First they got in on the Free Dining promotion, but then they needed to change their dates and I was able to apply a PIN code (tips and tricks to help you receive a code to be discussed in a later post!) that they received. The price was more, but they had the dates they wanted. Then Free Dining got extended to include their dates. So I was able to call and apply that for them! They saved a few hundred dollars and didn't have to deal with Disney and sitting on hold. :-) And I LOVED doing it. Call me crazy, but I love me so Disney hold music!!

Second - if you have never been or even if you have before, I am a wealth of knowledge, even down to being able to tell you approximately where a bathroom is from your exact location in the parks if you were to call from there! I can give you touring tips and tricks to save you time and let you maximize your vacation. And if you are interested I can help you plan out your trip, which parks which days! I will do for you what I do for my family when planning a trip.

Third - It is very important when dining at Disney to have dining reservations. Well I will do this for you as well if you want! Again saving you time and helping you know what restaurants have to offer and if you are interested my personal opinion on that restaurant.

Finally - my clients receive a FREE parks authentic Disney Autograph book for every child 3 and over that is part of a Magic Your Way Vacation Package! Yup I will get you that all important book, with all the characters on the cover, for your child to be able to run in and start getting signatures of all their favorites! Time saver - you don't have to find it and stand in line! Money saver - these run $6.95 + tax, you aren't paying that price, so you now have an extra $7 per child to do with what you like!

So that is it for now! My family and I are heading to New Hampshire for a week tomorrow. I hope to blog some while I am there, but when I get back I will be in full swing, with daily posts and tips and tricks! If I can be of help to you please visit my site at Also follow me on Facebook!