Thursday, July 15, 2010

Debate - Dining Plan or No Dining Plan????

Dining Plan or No Dining Plan - that is the question. What is the answer you may ask....well that is completely up to you and depending on who you ask will you will get many different answers.

For me I am 100% a believer of the Disney Dining Plan! I utilize it to it's fullest potential. At roughly $42 a night for an adult and I think $12 per night for a child it really is a savings! There are several different tiers now of the dining plan, but the Disney Dining Plan is the most popular. This is the one that includes a snack, a quick service meal, and a table service meal per night of your stay per person in the room.

Here is why I LOVE the DDP!!!

We know how to use it and use it right. First of all know that while they differentiate between a child table service and an adult table service credit, they do NOT differentiate between a child and adult quick service. Important to know because you get a much better use out of your quick service if you are not using them on children meals. First off these usually are only $4.99 and second they usually aren't very good. An example of how we use a quick service meal - breakfast. We usually eat at the hotel and we get the bounty platter. Many resorts have this option. It is the most expensive of the breakfast options and it easily can feed an adult and 2 small children - I have done it! It comes with scrambled eggs, a Mickey waffle, hashbrowns, a biscuit, bacon and sausage. I think it may even come with pancakes, but I cannot remember. All I know is that if my mom or husband is there we order two of these for two adults and two kids and it EASILY feeds us all! We also get two drinks with each meal at breakfast, so we all have plenty to drink. If we were doing a quick service lunch or dinner a good example is at Cosmic Rays in the Magic Kingdom. Here is a good place to go for some variety - they have a half roasted chicken, ribs, and all the fixxin's - beans and mashed potatoes I believe. This can very easily feed a family! And what a fantastic use of your credit!!

Now Table is where you have decide wisely to be sure you are getting your moneys worth. Breakfast is usually not a costly meal, dinner is your best bet. Things cost the most - buffets, etc, so you are getting the most bang for your buck! For me the worst use of a table service credit is Cinderella's Royal Table. While a magical experience it cost TWO credits per person to eat here! I say pay out of pocket for it if you are going to do it. (It is a special time for your little princess!)

There is also the quick service and the deluxe and even ones above deluxe that for me just include WAY too much! But lets talk about the quick service briefly - this will give you two quick service meals, 2 snacks, and a refillable mug for everyone in your party for each night of stay. This is a bit cheaper than the Disney Dining Plan (here on referred to as DDP). It is great for those that don't want to waste time at a sit down restaurant, but want to know that they have their meals paid for. It can get a bit boring, but if you go to the right places you can change it up a bit. For a breakfast Quick Service (here on known as a QS) you can get two drinks (we usually get a bottled water and a juice) and a meal. For lunch or dinner QS you get a large drink, a meal, and a dessert. Plenty of food. Snacks can be something as little as a bottle of water or as grand as a milkshake or sundae! You can also use snacks at the bakery in Magic Kingdom for some oh so yummy pastries!

The Deluxe Disney Dining Plan - well this one is you get A LOT!!! 3 meals a day to use how you chose. I don't know too much about this one, because personally I think it is too much food and costs too much money for me to ever get my moneys worth out of it!

So there you have it - why I love the DDP!! I love knowing that I have all my food paid for up front. All I have to budget is for tips (I don't think I mentioned, but they are not included) and I love knowing that! :-) I like the regular DDP over the QSDP because I like to have the option to sit down, but I think that I may do a trip of just QS because I do like to go, go, GO! when at Disney!! :-)

Have a Disney Day!!

What are your thoughts - DDP or no????

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