Sunday, July 31, 2011

Favorite Rides - Dumbo

Get ready...this week we talk about one of the most popular rides in WDW.  It might not be a favorite for grownups, but it is DEFINITELY on the MUST DO list for your kids.  The one the only.....DUMBO!!!

Some Info:

  • Park: Magic Kingdom
  • Land/Area: Fantasyland
  • Height Requirements: Nope!
  • Best Suited For: Preschoolers and young children, but it is fun for ALL!
  • Warnings: For me - heights!!  I know silly, but it freaks me out when we are all the way up!
  • Fastpass:  As of now no, but when the ride is moved to the new section with the additional ride it will have a virtual queue area.
What I like About It:
What's not to like????  Dumbo is one of the most popular rides in Magic Kingdom.  The worst part about it is the LONG line that usually comes with it.  It is definitely a ride to hit as soon as you walk in.  Whether you have a preschooler or not, this is a ride to get on just because it is a classic!  :-)

Random Facts: 
The original Dumbo the Flying elephant opened in Disneyland 3 months after the park opened.  All the other Disney parks have a Dumbo ride and they all opened on opening day in their respective parks.  The ride is being moved to a circus themed area that used to be Toon Town sometime in the next year.  This is all part of the new Fantasyland expansion. 


Hi everyone!

So sorry for my lack of attention to the blog and my facebook page.  Life has been hectic.  I never knew taking on a new job could eat up so much time.  Between working and trying to fit in time with the kids when I am not working and all that stuff I am barely even on the computer anymore!  But I am making it a point to get on here daily and try to post something and pay more attention to my facebook page.

We were also away for a week and believe it or not we had NO internet access.  Then to come home and have our main computer crash...well all in all I have been slightly in the dark ages as far as computers go.  Looks like the need for a smartphone may be more than I realized!  :-)

So I am trying to be back.  I am working a lot to earn money for our upcoming WDW trip.  :-)