Thursday, July 8, 2010

The First Post

Hey Disney Lovers!!

Ok so this is my first blog post. Some of you may know that I run a Disney Travel agency. I decided to do so because I KNOW Disney! I mean, really KNOW Disney! I have been there more times then I can count and at many different times of my life. I went as a small child, taking my first trip at 2. I went as a teenager, then as an adult, then on my honeymoon, then as a mommy with an infant, toddler, preschooler! As you can see I can help plan the perfect trip for every family type!

So why do I LOVE Disney?! Honestly - I don't know, I just do. Always have, always will! It is my happy place. Every time I go to any other theme park, I compare it to Disney and nothing comes close. We live in Pennsylvania and have quite a few amusement parks near us. We went to one last year and all day I kept saying, "Wow, if this were Disney ________!"

My children and I go at least once a year. My daughter has one more year before starting public school and I hope to somehow squeeze two trips in, but my husband is not as big of a Disney lover as I am. Oh he puts up with it, but it is not his idea of a good time. :-(

So why did I decide to start Be Our Guest Vacations? Well for years I have been the go to person for family and friends on all things Disney. I LOVE talking about it and helping people plan their trips, so when I found out it was something I could do and make a little extra money for doing so, I thought why not? The cost to my clients is absolutely NOTHING! FREE, FREE, FREE!! Disney pays me a commission to book your trip, but they do not tack anything on to your price, so it is the same price you would get if you booked yourself, but you get soooo much more!

First - I will be the one calling Disney, saving you time and money. When a discount is released, I apply it to your reservation - saving you money! Recently I booked a trip for a friend. First they got in on the Free Dining promotion, but then they needed to change their dates and I was able to apply a PIN code (tips and tricks to help you receive a code to be discussed in a later post!) that they received. The price was more, but they had the dates they wanted. Then Free Dining got extended to include their dates. So I was able to call and apply that for them! They saved a few hundred dollars and didn't have to deal with Disney and sitting on hold. :-) And I LOVED doing it. Call me crazy, but I love me so Disney hold music!!

Second - if you have never been or even if you have before, I am a wealth of knowledge, even down to being able to tell you approximately where a bathroom is from your exact location in the parks if you were to call from there! I can give you touring tips and tricks to save you time and let you maximize your vacation. And if you are interested I can help you plan out your trip, which parks which days! I will do for you what I do for my family when planning a trip.

Third - It is very important when dining at Disney to have dining reservations. Well I will do this for you as well if you want! Again saving you time and helping you know what restaurants have to offer and if you are interested my personal opinion on that restaurant.

Finally - my clients receive a FREE parks authentic Disney Autograph book for every child 3 and over that is part of a Magic Your Way Vacation Package! Yup I will get you that all important book, with all the characters on the cover, for your child to be able to run in and start getting signatures of all their favorites! Time saver - you don't have to find it and stand in line! Money saver - these run $6.95 + tax, you aren't paying that price, so you now have an extra $7 per child to do with what you like!

So that is it for now! My family and I are heading to New Hampshire for a week tomorrow. I hope to blog some while I am there, but when I get back I will be in full swing, with daily posts and tips and tricks! If I can be of help to you please visit my site at Also follow me on Facebook!

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