Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday's Question

Hey all your Disney fans!

Here is your question -

Where is your favorite place to just relax in Disney World - not your resort room!!

For me I love going over to Fort Wilderness Campground when I am taking a break from it all. Not only do they have one of my favorite restaurants - Trail's End - but it is just such a peaceful, slow placed environment! I love taking the boat there from Magic Kingdom and walking to the mercantile shop right there and looking around. Then I let the kids play for a bit on the play ground. There is also a beach right when you get off the boat if you want to just lounge on a chair for a bit and really relax. Then if it is a meal time you better believe that I am walking into Trails End and hoping to get Big D or Gary - our favorite servers there - and having a delicious meal! Your belly will be full and statisfied! After a tasty meal it is over to the stables - check out all the horses - BEAUTIFUL! Let the kids take a pony ride and then you can hop a bus and ride around the campground to the meadows. If you are there at night be sure to get there in time to catch a Disney Classic. Before the movie there is a sing along with Chip and Dale! During the movie there is campfires and you can purchase marshmallows to roast! All in all a relaxing time and a lot of fun! And unless you eat at the restaurant, pay for the pony ride, or buy marshmallows it can be FREE fun at WDW!!!

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