Friday, July 23, 2010

This Week in WDW History....Fastpass was introduced!

Hello Disney fans!!

So on July 21, 1999 the first Disney Fastpass was given out at Kilimanjaro Safari! I honestly cannot imagine Disney without the fastpass system that we all know and love! And rumor has it that a popular Disney attraction will be getting a fastpass...what attraction - Dumbo! Yup the flying elephant is apparently joining the FP family! :-)

Now I said I cannot imagine WDW without FP, but I do remember it! I was in WDW when the castle was decorated like a big pink birthday cake - yes it happened and if you didn't see it be glad!! (Some did like it...but that is a whole nother post!!) The year - 1996 the month - July - the ride - Splash Mountain - the line 120 minutes! We was insane, now I am spoiled and don't wait in anything over 20-25 mintues!! I also don't go to WDW in July.

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