Friday, April 25, 2014

MyMagic+ - Hard To Get FP+ Reservations...aka Anna and Elsa!

So for those of you that follow my Facebook page, I am sure you saw that after trying day after day to get fastpass+ reservations for Anna and Elsa (if you have been living under a rock the last several months, these are the very popular sisters from Disney's Frozen - the top grossing uber popular animated film!) I finally secured them for our trip in just a couple weeks!!

If you don't book your FP+ selections at 60 days out the sisters can be nearly impossible to get.  I am guessing this will also be the case with the soon to open Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but I think that that won't be quite as bad as it will have longer hours and a faster turnover as well as larger capacity.  Anna and Elsa currently only meet from 9am-5pm, so there are 8 short hours to be able to meet this popular duo!

How did I do it you ask?  

Login in to your My Disney Experience account.  If you don't have is the time to set it up!

Once you are logged in you will see the following....
Click on the link to Make Selections for FP+
Once you do that it is a very simple step by step process.  You pick your park and then you pick who you are booking for.  This is where you want to do things a bit differently!!!
  1. Only select ONE person and that person must be over the age of 7.
  2. Scroll down to see if that hard to get FP+ reservation is available.  If it is then select it.  Don't bother picking your other two.  Let the site auto pick them for you, you can go back and alter what you don't like later!
  3. Next you are going to go to My Itinerary:
  4. Pick the date you want and your itinerary for that date will pop up.  At the top of the screen you will see + Add Plans.  A drop down will appear.  Select Manage Fastpass+.
  5. You will now select to copy the fastpass+ selections to another person.
  6. Pick the person that has the FP+ reservations you want to copy.
  7. Then pick the person you want to copy them to.  Repeat this process with all those that you need to copy it too.  

As you can see above my mom had already been copied, so that is why her arrow is not green and there are no more screen shots!  :-)  The times for the popular attraction, in this case Anna and Elsa will not be exactly the same, which is why you cannot book them all at once, but they will overlap, making it so that you can all go at the same time at some point.  You just have to wait until the last start time for your group is eligible and go then.  If the time for one is way off and does not overlap, take it and then go back in and edit the others to work with that persons time.  This works most of the time if there is availability, but not always.  On one day I was able to get 3 out of 4 of us, securing the final 3 FP+ reservations for that date apparently.  Since we all want to go together, I cancelled those and chose another day.  

I hope this helps some of you get the hard to get FP+ reservations!!  

And of course, if you booked your trip with me, I will do this ALL for you!!!  As I did today for one awesome family traveling in June!

Remember, we travel agents will do as much or as little as you want.  So please consider booking your trip with me.  This information does have value.  ;-)

Have a magical trip and and please share pictures on our Facebook page of your meet and greet with Elsa and Anna!!

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