Monday, April 14, 2014

Magical Monday

The weather is beautiful here in Pennsylvania and life is crazy too!!  I hope things are great in your neck of the woods!  Here's to a Magical Monday everyone!

Promotion News:

Intro to Magic Promotion -
You have until this Sunday, April 20th, to book a late spring or late summer/early fall trip with a great deal!!  You can get the Memory Maker for free as well as a room discount!  This is the deal my family is traveling with this May!  :-)  Dates for this deal are 4/28-6/15 and 8/15-9/30!  With only contact me for more details!
rumors of other fall deals on the horizon, it is best to book this now and then alter to the other deal once it is released.  Feel free to

Summer Promotion -
There is still plenty of time to book for this summer!!  The deal gets better the more time you spend there.  Staying for 6 nights or more and getting at least a 6 day hopper ensures a higher discount and a deal on tickets as well.  The deals are still great when staying for 5 nights or less as you still get a discount on the room and hey - any discount is better than no discount, right?!

There is a pretty strong rumor out there from some very reliable sources that FREE dining is just days away from being released, so stay tuned.  As of now it would be mainly September dates with a extension into other fall dates later.

Around the World News:

The Flower and Garden Festival is in full bloom and runs through May 18th!  This yearly event is something to be seen, if you haven't before.  The way they transform Epcot is magnificent!  You can still catch this wonderful event on a great promotion if you book by April 20th.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is getting closer to it's debut.  Rumors are swirling about an opening date and the walls are down.  There is a big media event on April 30th-May2nd and those invited will most likely get a ride, so expect it to be open, at least as a soft opening around then.  I have my fingers crossed that it will be open when I am there this May!!  Here's a little sneak inside....spoiler alert for those that only want to see it first hand!!

What's New With Me:

Life is crazy!!  Spring sports are in full swing and so are all sorts of other activities for the kids!  We had a non stop action packed weekend and more to come just like it.  Both my kids play soccer and one does tball.  The other also dances.  To say that every night is filled with a different activity....let's just say I am looking forward to my week away!

As I mentioned in the last Magical Monday post we are headed to WDW!!  Yay!!  It is now just 4 weeks away and we definitely are counting down in our house.  We debated on surprising the kids or telling them and went for telling them.

Business is great and I am having fun every day sharing my love and the magic of Disney!  If you are wanting a free quote you can email me and we can chat.  :-)  Please remember that we, as travel agents, only make a living by booking/selling travel.  I love my blog and my Facebook page, but they don't make me anything and are simply a labor of love.  So if you like what you see here and on Facebook please consider using Be Our Guest Vacations to book your trip to WDW or any Disney Destination.  Disney builds that commission into the trip cost, so even if you book on your own, Disney is just keeping that money.  It is always nice to help small business thrive in this big business world, so consider utilizing our services for your next Disney vacation.  You can still be as involved as you want to be, but you also have an advocate on your side making sure that everything is getting done right.  I see many post on Facebook that they are going in so many days and wish I was a part of their vacation experience in more ways than just chatting via the internet.  Ok, off my soapbox now.  :-)  Regardless I love you all and appreciate the support, however it is given!

That's all for today guys!!  Have a great night and make this week Magical!!

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