Friday, March 30, 2012

Where Have I Been.....

Hello all from the worst Disney blogger ever!!!

Where have I been you ask????!!!!  Well that's semisimple...busy!  Last June I started working outside the home and outside of my Disney fix - this blog and travel planning.  I had gone to school 6 months before that and trained to become a phlebotomist - you know the people that take blood from you!  :-)  Well in June I finally landed a job doing it.  It's only part time, but I get to pick up as many hours as I want and usually I pick up at least a couple shifts a week, the rest of the time is spent transporting kids here there and everywhere!!  Life was so calm a year ago....but the money is good and it helps pay for my Disney trips!!

That said I'm going to try and devote some more time here!  That's my goal and my plan anyway.  I have to look back and see what I've already wrote about and try to pick up where I left off.  My plan is to try and get a bunch of posts scheduled once a week and then that way it's an active blog again.

I'm also going to head over to my business page and give it some tweeking!!  I really love Disney planning and want to get back into it!!

If you are anyone you know is thinking about a trip, please let me know!  I'd be happy to help!!!  Also if you have a trip booked with Disney, not another agent - we don't steal from each other, professional courtesy - and you would like to transfer it over to me, it really is a simple process!!  I'll do most of the heavy lifting for the transfer and all of the heavy lifting with your trip planning, or as much as you want me to do!  For your trouble you get a $25 Disney Gift Card!!! 

Thanks for all that have stuck with me while I make these transitions and adjustments!! 

Have a Disney Day!  :-)

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