Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Tip

Hey friends!!!

So my tip for today - off site stroller rental!! We rented a stroller on our September 2011 trip for the first time ever. I am the mommy of a 6 and 4 year old. In the past we have always brought our own stroller(s). My son would be in the big travel system and my daughter in the MacLaren. Well our last trip I wanted a double since my son is tall he was too big for our travel system Graco and I knew my daughter would get tired.

I looked at Disney pricing but come one.... $31/day for a hard plastic stroller that the kids couldn't be comfortable in and we would have to leave it in the park for the walk to the buses or our car. S I started researching off site stroller rental companie. There are ALOT out there! For us we LOVE Kingdom Strollers! The pricing and free options are fantastic and the customer service cannot be beat! Most places require the stroller be returned the morning of your last day. Kingdom Strollers let's you have it until 5pm or later (we texted them and they let us have it til 8pm for NO charge!) and they drop it off either super early the day of your rental or the night before. It's waiting at bell services!

They have a wide array of choices in singles and doubles. For our last trip we rented a Bob Duallie. Pushing around nearly 100 lbs of kids should be hard, but nope it glided with ease! Our next trip we are planning to try the City Elite Double. It fits taller kids a bit better. My daughter will be 6 almost 7 when we go and will probably rarely sit in it but it's only a $10 difference to get a double instead of a single and to be able to offer her a seat in the shade in June is worth it to me! And a safe place to put her in a crowded park!

We go full on at the parks. Usually rope drop to closing with maybe a VERY short break so our kids are tired at the end. Our September trip they fell asleep in the stroller on our way out almost every night. We used it to get to our car in the parking lot then transferred them to the car and then back to the stroller to walk to our room.

Here's a shot of the stroller being used well!!

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