Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our May 2014 Disney Trip - Days 1! Travel and Magic Kingdom!

So I have never really done a trip report, but based on the interest I decided to write one up.  I am going to attempt it  to share our amazing trip with you all!  :-)

Day 1 - May 14th

We flew into MCO and landed pretty much right on time. We proceeded to the rental car location, got our car and headed to Pop Century!  It was pouring rain out, one of two or three days we dealt with rain, so no complaints there.

When we arrived at Pop, I checked into the room.  It wasn't what I had requested - 50s, building 3, so I asked for them to change it.  They did so with no problem!  We headed to the room!  It was in a great location!  Just seconds from the elevator and only a 5 minute walk tops to the main building!  My favorite building after my many stays there!

 After we got ourselves settled and the rain stopped we headed for the Magic Kingdom!  It is always our day one stop, so there was no question as to what we were doing that day!

Once we were in the park we headed to the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  We had had a bad experience with this not working in 2013 so I was skeptical, but all went well this year!!  Owen especially loved this FREE activity in the Magic Kingdom!!  I will write up a more detailed post about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom!

We rode some rides with minimal waits.  Pretty much everything was a walk on this day.  It was probably our best crowd day in the parks!  It was rated as a 2 out of 10 on touring plans!  I had some fastpass+ booked, but we really didn't need them at all!  We used them basically because we had them!  We got to see cast members riding Dwarfs Mine Train too!!  Which only made Owen want on even more than before!!

Some of the rides we rode with no wait were - Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Dumbo, Barnstormer and more!!

To top off night one, we walked up to Be Our Guest (love the name!) and were able to walk in for dinner reservations!  They told us it would be a 45 minute to an hour wait, we waited 7 minutes!!  Service was great, food was good, but honestly minus some of the dinner selections and the Beast you can get the same experience as lunch time!

Owen was very tired at this point in the day!  We had been up since 5am!!  We kept going for a bit longer and called it a night and headed back to the hotel for an early day 2 at Epcot!

All in all day 1, travel and all, was great day!  We got to do so much thanks to minimal crowds!!  Probably our lowest crowd level day of the 10 park days we were there.

Stay tuned for day 2.....


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