Friday, October 4, 2013

Why I Love WDW....

So I haven't been posting here. I'm making a goal to post daily. It's going to be a part of my routine. 

I figured a good place to restart the blog would to be to post about why I love WDW.  I get asked this often. Why I go so often, what can I possibly enjoy so's am easy and hard question to answer. 

Basically I can't fully put it into words.  I have been going to WDW since I was two.  Back then it was with my parents obviously. We went every other year until I was 13.  I guess that's where the addiction or love began. Then we didn't go for years. I went back in 2000 with my then boyfriend now husband. We only went for a couple days, but the love for it was rekindled and so began my thought of how to make a career out of Disney. 

After that trip in 2000 I couldn't get enough!  I would've gone back weekly if money allowed!  And so began the questions and comments - "You don't have kids, why would you go there?" Or "Disney is for kids, nothing there for adults!"  How wrong people are, in my opinion anyway. I go to WDW because I feel like a kid while I'm there!  I love that feeling. The way I choke up seeing the castle and just that tingly feeling you get when you are in a place that is just pure happiness!  

Then in 2002 we went back and my husband to be proposed to me in Cinderella's Castle!  Needless to say I felt like a Princess for a day!  And that memory just added to my love of my happy place!  We went back for our honeymoon - that really gets people!  What can I say, we just enjoy our time there!  We don't like to sit around and like the fun of the parks. Also there is so much to do as an adult in Disney!  World Showcase?!  Thrill rides?!  Downtown Disney and back then Pleasure Island!  

A couple years I went back as a mom to be and then we started taking the kids and that's where a whole new love began!  Seeing the ok of pure joy on my children's faces, it's indescribable!  On one of our recent trips as we awaited the ferry to take us to Magic Kingdom my daughter noticed the castle and said, " Mommy!  Look!  It's the castle, I must be dreaming!!"  That pure joy is enough to make me wish we could be there everyday!  Our time there as a family is precious and in a few years my kids may feel like they are too old for Disney, but I'm hoping we don't hit that and they grow up to be a crazy Disney lover, just like their mom!!


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