Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why to Use a Travel Agent

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I get asked all the time why should I book with an agent when I can go to Disney's site and book my own trip.  Of course I think you should book with an agent because, well I am an agent!!  :-)  But there are legitmate benefits to using a travel agent when booking your Disney vacation.

  1. Most importantly PLEASE make sure your travel agent is a Disney specialist.  Don't just book with Joe Shmo at Liberty Travel.  Chances are he has never set foot in a Disney park or maybe he went there a couple times 10 years ago.  He may have completed the Disney College of Knowledge and have a certificate pasted on his wall, but any of us can take and pass that.  Make sure you ask questions and see how knowledgeable he really is.  The last thing you want is someone helping you plan your Disney trip that knows even less than you do!!
  2. Your DISNEY travel agent should be your advocate.  Yes some may give you little extras here and there for booking with them, but are they there when you need them?  They should be able to answer your questions and if they don't know the answer they should be able to get that answer for you.  They should be the one sitting on hold and getting those answers for you and looking it all up online.
  3. When a promotion comes out they should know if it works for your trip and immediately change your reservation over for you and then pass on the great news to you.  I have sat on hold for 3 hours before changing a client's reservation!
  4. Every change and every question is handled by them.  They are they to help and explain and get you through.  A Disney trip is unlike many vacations, you need to do your research to really get the most out of your trip!
  5. The service to book your trip should be FREE!!  If it isn't run, don't walk and find another agent!
So there are some reasons why you should use a Disney Travel Agent!  And I am the one for you!  Please share with your friends.  I am working on a referral program and a giveaway!!  Look for that in coming posts!!

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