Monday, June 2, 2014

Our May 2014 Disney Trip....Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios!

To start Day 4 we went to Animal Kingdom.  We had't been there yet and we wanted to get there relatively early for a good safari ride.  (The earlier in the day the better for the animals!)  I had booked fastpasses for this and I was excited to ride as it is one of my favorites.  After three long days we were moving a bit slow and Emma and I barely made it in for our fastpasses for Expedition Everest.  

One of her favorite rides!!  And for that reason I rode several times just for her!

My fear...heights!  Expedition Everest's big hill...not good for my fear!
Bad picture because I needed to hold back on with TWO hands!!!
While we did Everest - my mom and Owen went on Primeval Whirl - his favorite ride in Animal Kingdom!  We then did it again the 4 of us later in the day with another fastpass!  But first it was time to use our fastpass for Kali River Rapids!  It was a warmish day, but I am not big on getting soaked.  Emma, my mom and myself wore ponchos, Owen did not.  He of course got drenched!  But he loved every second of it!  Emma got pretty wet too and then spilled a drink on herself at lunch and earned herself a new dress upon exiting the park!

After lunch it was time for our fastpass to Kilimanjaro Safari!  We got a great ride.  Lots of animals out and very active!  We even saw the Lion!  I think I can count on one hand how often we have seen him.  He was passed out on a rock, but we saw him!!

Safari pictures....

After all of that it was time to hop back to Hollywood Studios and eat with Jedi Mickey and friends.  After our experience on day 3 at the Galactic Dine with Vader I was a bit nervous, but I was pleasantly surprised!!  Today was a MUCH better experience!  First things first - I got in there and went straight to a FP kiosk to see what I could get.  There wasn't much since it was so late in the day so I booked FP+ reservations for the second Fantasmic show.

We still had to wait for a bit, but check in went much faster.  We were eating at 5:25pm.  We had to wait in a line to get into the actual restaurant.  Upon entering we were greeted by Chip and Dale dressed as Ewoks!  As you can see we got to take some of our pictures with them and the interaction was great!!
Waiting to go in.

A hug from Dale!

Fun picture...notice Emma's new dress!
Then we were taken to our table.  We were in a great spot because we didn't have to wait long for the characters to come to our table.  The food was really good and it was themed for the meal - mainly just the names of the dishes.  They had a pasta station, which I really enjoyed!  I hope they keep this meal for good!  It was well worth the two dining credits we used!

We then headed over and rode standby for Star Tours.  There was a minimal line and it is Owen's favorite ride in the park!  First some shots pretending to be stomped by an AT-AT walker!!  Look out!

I am pretty sure we rode it more than once, but my memory is getting a bit foggy on the exact details!!  I do know that Emma was chosen as the Rebel Spy!

After some rides we decided that since we were there and everything had a long line or FP already booked we would try to catch the ending show and the fireworks that were special for SWW.  So we found a spot and the kids did some dancing to the DJ and we waited for the show to start!  To get a good spot to see all the characters you want to be close to the hat stage, but to see the fireworks you wanted to be far away from it.  It was a VERY obstructed view from where we were.  So it depends on what you want to see on where to be.  I think in the future I would do it twice - once for the show and once for the fireworks.  But alas, it was what it was!
After that and realizing we had a bad firework spot we just headed to Fantasmic.  It is a bit chaotic getting in even with a FP+ reservation, but the seat was very good!  Middle section.  We didn't sit to close to the front because I didn't want to get wet - it was a bit cool that night!  We don't see Fantasmic every trip, but it is a show to be seen!!  I love the ending!!
So that pretty much ended Day far so good!  I will say that after low crowds our first few days it definitely felt more crowded on the weekend!!


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