Friday, November 14, 2014

Disney Savings...hidden at Target!!

Hi everyone!!

So here it is my first post since May and it is going to be to show you how to save some MONEY!!  Yes that's right, you can save on your Disney trips at Target!  Woohoo!!  Who doesn't love Target?!

So how do you do this?  Well I have posted before about going there and using your Target Red Card - can be a credit or debit card (we have the debit card) - and buying Disney gift cards for 5% off.  That is an extra 5% off of your vacation!!  No too shabby.  Negative is that if something happens it all reverts to gift cards, so you have to be 100% committed to your trip.  Also they only come in $50 increments, so that is a lot of gift cards to purchase, but I don't mind entering them for ya!  :-)

But here is some secret 2014 Black Friday Disney Savings....shhhhhh you ready???

You can purchase Target Gift Cards at 10% off from 6am to noon on Black Friday - November 28.  You can purchase up to $300 worth for just $270 savings of $30!  You can then go buy your Disney gift cards the next day with the Target Gift Cards and use those to put the deposit down on your Disney trip!!  **** You cannot use your red card to get another 5% off ****

So what's stopping you?  Book your Disney vacation today!!  

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