Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tasty Tuesday - Play & Dine @ Hollywood & Vine

Does your mouth start to water when you read about yummy and fun dining experiences?  Well get ready because here is another issue of Tasty Tuesday!!!

Play & Dine @ Hollywood and Vine

Check in on the outside at this fun Disney restaurant!  For breakfast and lunch you will get to dine with the stars of Disney Junior!  What little kid wouldn't love that!  The characters have changed of the years and now include the ever popular Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First!  Also there - Jake of Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Oso from Special Agent Oso!  In past years you could meet Handy Manny, Jane and Leo of the Little Einsteins, Jojo and Goliath for JoJo's Circus - some of my kids favorites!

Once you enter the restaurant you will find a fun place to get a shot of the kids Welcoming them to the fun at Hollywood and Vine!  This is by far one of my kids' favorite character meals on property!  I know that they will soon grow out of it (sniff, sniff), but for now it is still a favorite!  This is from this past summer.  There is a new backdrop now updated with the different characters!

  • Location: Hollywood Studios - park admission is required
  • Meals Served: Breakfast & Lunch (Dinner is non character)
  • Style: All you can eat buffet
  • Price: $$$
  • Dining Plan: 1 credit
  • Characters Featured: Disney Junior characters - as of February 2014 - Oso, Jake, Sofia and Doc.
ADR Need: Medium/Low
  • Disney allows you to make reservations 180 days before your vacation.  If this restaurant at normal eating hours is important to you, you may need to plan that far out!  It's not always the case, but this really depends on when you go.  If you have your trip planned and book far out then I would definitely recommend booking far out.  
Would I recommend it?
  • Yes.  My kids absolutely love the theming of this restaurant!  If you have a Disney Junior fan in your house then this is a must do!  Nothing quite like eating with their favorite characters while music from their favorite shows plays in the background!  There are two hosts - one for each side of the restaurant that get the kids up and dancing to some of their favorite songs as well!  Characters join in in the dancing and it really is a good time!!  Some of my favorite character memories are at this restaurant!  My kids have always been Disney Junior fans, so for us this is a must do on most trips!  Food wise - it is ok.  Breakfast is going to be your standard breakfast buffet food.  I wouldn't overbook on breakfast buffets because you will quickly get bored of your food choices!  Lunch is a bit better with a nice variety of food!  See the menus below!  :-)
The Menus (courtesy of All Ears):

Happy Dining!!!

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  1. Do you know if Oso is still at this character dinning? Also, do you know if it is SWW and we go to this restaurant during the week, is it SW Characters or Disney Jr Characters?