Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Tip - Baby Care Centers

Happy Thursday!!  Almost the weekend!!

So this is something that I did write about before, but I am going to revise and give an update to my former post.  I have so many new followers now that I think it would be just as easy to rehash some oldies, but goodies!!

Picture outside of Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center

Many people do not even know that Baby Care Centers exist in all four of the major Disney theme parks!

 Easily found on the park maps by a pacifier icon.  Baby care centers can either be deep within the park or right by the park entrance.

In Hollywood Studios it is located right at the front entrance by Guest Services.

Magic Kingdom's Baby Care Center is located back by the Crystal Palace.  It is one of the nicer baby care centers.  My kids are now 8 and 6, but we have been traveling to Disney World since my kids were infants!  When I first found these little gems I was so excited.  I haven't stepped foot in one in a few years, but tI really did enjoy them when I needed them for all those trips years ago!!

Baby Care Centers are great for nursing moms!  They have a private dimly lit room that has rocking chairs in them.  You can get some privacy and get your baby away from the sometimes very overstimulating environment!

All of the Baby Care Centers are equipped with areas to feed your little one and heat up food if necessary!  They also have a little shop of (overpriced) baby and toddler necessities!!  Nice if you are in need when you forget something, but not something you want to make a habit of, as it is pricey!

The best part of all - on a HOT WDW day - it is quiet and air conditioned!  Little ones can crawl/walk around and play with some toys or watch some classic Disney shows.  Kid sized potties and helpful staff!!  Just a nice break from the craziness that is Disney sometimes!!

A bit from my review back in 2010, when I was still really using the Baby Care Centers:

The best Baby Care Centers are in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. They have televisions with old classic Disney cartoons on, toys, nice changing tables, a bathroom or two, high chairs, a small shop with items you may need in a pinch (PRICEY!) and microwaves. There is a cast member there as well. Strollers are NOT allowed in!

We went one year and it was HOT, so hot!! These little stops were wonderful!! To be able to go take a break from the heat in some nice A/C in a spot that wasn't over stimulating for my little one was perfect. I let them crawl around and play, gave them a diaper change and fed them. It was a nice break. Oh and FREE too! Usually they are located right by the first aide center in the park.

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