Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Tip - Keeping Cool!

This post is from 2011....with so many of you planning summer trips and FL heating up I felt it was important to reshare this helpful tip AND update it with some of our experiences after traveling in June twice and September once!!

So you are in Disney and it is HOT!!!  Well several months out of the year it will be very hot down there in sunny Florida!  This tip is something that my mom and I started doing and man oh man do I love it!!

First the ingredients - wash clothes (can be found right in your hotel room), ice cold water, and preferrably a freezer, oh and a cooler that you bring with you to the parks.

Ok now what to do - drench the washcloth in ice water or just regular water if you have a freezer to put them in.  (Freezers are available in the room fridges that you get for free.)  Freeze them over night.  Now pack them in your soft sided cooler and when you are sweating and hot in the parks, pull out one of those great washclothes and use it to cool off!!

Along those same lines - freeze some bottled water!  Use it instead of ice to keep your cooler items cool and it will melt throughout the day for a nice cool drink!!

Edited and Reposted in 2014....more tips!!

We simply put the washcloths in ice water in a gallon ziploc bag now and carry them in our cooler.  It really is refreshing after having been on 3 trips during hot months now.

Something we invested in for our last trip was Frogg Togg Chilly Pads.  We bought them off of Amazon for a very reasonable price.  I did find that they helped and they were nice because they didn't get you wet like the washcloth will.

Two hot kids in Epcot!  June 2013
Cooling off with a smoothie!  Yum!

It really is imperative when you are there on hot days to stay hydrated and cool.  This can make or break your trip.  Take plenty of A/C breaks!  We will sometimes go to an attraction that we may
not have otherwise gone to just to sit in some A/C.  Have a cool drink and sit back and relax on a shady bench!!

Just always remember - a sizzling HOT day in WDW, is better than being home in an air conditioned office any day!!  :-)

Happy travels and Stay Cool!!!

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  1. Great tip! We normally don't go to Disney when it's that hot, but if we ever do I will keep this in mind!