Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Tip - Meeting Merida

Switching it up and moving Tuesday Tip to Thursday!

Meeting a favorite character can be REALLY difficult, especially if they are a popular character that only meets in one location!  I will give my tips for meeting Elsa and Anna after I have gone and had that opportunity, but for now I am going to tell you how to meet Merida from Brave!  This was a must do for Princess E on our last trip, so we made sure to get there, even if it was on our last day!!!

Where is she?  How do I find her?

  • Merida is to the far right of Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom.  You want to take Main Street straight up, staying to the right side.  Do not cross into Tomorrowland, but follow the path that will take you towards the tea cups - Cosmic Rays will be to your left.

  • Merida starts her Meet & Greet at 9:15am and goes throughout the day until 6pm.  See a Times Guide for exact meet and greet times as they are subject to change.  And know that they may close her line before 6pm because they will account for the people in line and the timing that her area is to close.
  • The BEST time to go to meet Merida is FIRST thing in the morning.  This means rope drop.  Be at the park at least 30 minutes prior to opening.  Stay to the far right.  Magic Kingdom will open at 9am after the opening show.  Once it opens walk briskly, no need to run (you can if you want of course!) and stay to your right.  It's quite fun as you may be walking in behind some of the characters that opened the park.  We followed in Alice, Peter Pan and Wendy in.  It was a really neat experience!
  • Get in line at 9am.  The line forms quickly.  Within 10 minutes it was already at least 50 families deep!  We were 5th in line.  They only take a couple families back at a time as it is an experience not just a quick help, sign and move on.
The Experience:
  • It lasts all in all about 5-10 minutes.  Lots of fun!
  • First you enter into a themed area.

  • Then you get up to meet Merida!  There is a Photopass Photographer there!  You can use your Memory Maker, if purchased.

  • Then you can shoot a bow and arrow through a Target just like Merida does!

After that it's all over, but memories are definitely made.  You can visit any time during the day, but my understanding is the line never dies down and is always about an hour at least, even in not so busy times.  So try to get there early!  

Have a Magical Day!!


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