Monday, February 10, 2014

Magical Monday

Hi everyone!!

I hope you all had a happy weekend!  Mondays are always rough, but here in Chester County, PA it is especially hard this Monday!  Last week was a LONG one, heck this whole winter has been long and it's not even close to over yet!  We were hit with a pretty nasty ice storm and 87% of our county was without power.  By the grace of God my little community was not effected by the power outage, but several friends were and they went without power for DAYS.  Add to it freezing temps and it has been a crazy situation up here.  Thanks to all the states that sent workers from all over and as far as Canada to help get good old Chester County back up and running!!

The kids did not have school last week due to weather barely at all!!  My son, who is in half day kindergarten was completely off and my daughter went one day for only a partial day.  So with that we lost days off throughout the year and have had at least one day added on to the end of the year!  Needless to say we are all hungry for structure and excited to get back to school - well I am anyway!!

I have been sending out quotes like crazy, even with our weather craze!  The Facebook Page has grown exponentially the last few days!  We are loving all our new fans!  Facebook on the other hand seems to hate pages anymore and wants to keep us hidden from you all!  The best way to make sure you see what is going on is to interact with the page.  But how can you do that if you don't see the posts....well make sure you see them and here's how:

Coming up on the blog this week - I will be starting a new series called Tasty Tuesday!  It will cover a restaurant on Disney property.  This week I will be talking about Chef Mickey's!  I also just restarted the monthly series of This Month in WDW.  That post came out a couple days ago, so be sure to look back and take a peek!  I'm continuing the Tuesday Tip, but it has been moved to Thursday.  This week - how to meet Merida!  Check back for information on current promotions and be sure to check out our newly redesigned website!!

Have a great Monday everyone!  Make it Magical!!


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