Friday, February 14, 2014

Resort Review - Pop Century

Let's take a look at POP Century Resort!  What is your favorite decade - 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s?  Looking to relive some of your childhood?  Check out the Pop Century Resort!!

Welcome to....

Home of tye dye cheesecake, large icons from several decades, groovy tunes, and fun times!

Here is a great video tour from

Some Facts:
Resort Map:

This awesome map is courtesy of a great thread on dedicated to Pop Century.  It shows the details of the different room locations!  I used this exact map in planning my last trip!

Have I personally stayed here?
Yes - Our family has stayed there on our last four Disney vacations.

What I like about it:
I love the location of the resort.  Although it is listed as being in the Hollywood Studios resort area it is so very centrally located.  It takes no time at all to get to most parks on property.  I enjoy that it does not share a bus with another resort, which when utilizing the bussing system at Disney is a huge plus!  The rooms work for us, as we are only there minimally to sleep and midday rests.  The quick service restaurant - Everything POP - has a large variety to chose from and can accommodate even picky eaters.  We really just enjoy the resort and the theming!  Definitely my favorite value - which is another thing we love - the price is right!!!

What I don't like:
It's a value and with that comes some downgrading.  For us the pros outweigh the cons.  For some the cons may be - double beds instead of queens.  We are so tired we don't seem to notice!  The rooms are smaller and there is only one sink vs the two you get when you upgrade to a moderate.  The pools, while fun with the theming, do not have water slides or hot tubs.  Definitely has a bit more of a motel feel.

Would I stay here again?
Of course!!  In fact we are planning our next trip now and while I am pricing other options I know we will end up here!  It really is becoming "home".

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  1. Pop Century is one of our favorite resorts, too! I swear we didn't wait more than five minutes for a bus last trip. The transportation is awesome there!