Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Favorite Rides - Kilimanjaro Safari

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy this next ride!!!  Our featured ride this week - Kilimanjaro Safari!

Some info:
  • Park: Animal Kingdom
  • Land/Area: Africa
  • Height Requirement: No
  • Best suited for: Fun for the whole family
  • Warning: Very bumpy at times - people with back issues, or pregnant women be warned.
  • Fastpass: Yes
What I like about it:
This is by far one of the best rides in Disney!  First of all, it is never the same ride.  The animals are in different spots with each ride.  Try to ride first thing in the morning as this is when the animals are the most active.  We have ridden this ride and had to sit and wait for a giraffe to move from the "road" - kids found this very exciting!  We have seen baby elephants and baby giraffes and even learned a few things.  The hippos are pretty cool as well!!  It is a longer ride - about 15 minutes.  As for wait times, they tend to pick up as the day goes on, so if there is a wait of say over 30 minutes I would get a Fastpass and come back later.  Don't look for the stroller parking!  They even do that for you!  You start out in the line with your stroller and will get to a spot where they take them for you!  Nice and easy!!  All in all we always enjoy this attraction and sometimes try to get on it twice in a day!

Random Facts:
  • Kilimanjaro Safari is the largest attraction in ANY Disney Theme Park!  
  • It provides animals with a 100 acre savanna to roam, while guests ride through in safari vehicles with a guide.  The tour guide of your safari will point out animals and ask you to help locate them as well.  Some are more entertaining and knowledgeable than others. 
  • The ride typically runs until sundown, so if there are evening extra magic hours and it is dark the safari will not run.  Normally there is a sign at the entrance to the park or the ride that will tell you what time the last safari will run.
  • It was recently announced (July 2010) that "guided treks" through the savanna would be made available to guests.  This would focus on areas of the savanna that are not part of the ride.
Next ride.....Soarin'

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  1. We love, love, love the Kilimanjaro Safari!!! My son loves finding all the animals and watching what they are doing. Probably my favorite ride in all the parks!