Monday, May 2, 2011

Resort Review - Contemporary Resort

Today we are going to focus on one of Walt Disney World's original resorts - Disney's Contemporary Resort!  

Here is a short video courtesy of Disney Parks Media!

Some Facts:

Resort Map:
 (The Bay Lake Tower section of the resort will be reviewed separately.  This was a very recent addition to the Contemporary Resort and is a Villa Resort!)
Have I personally stayed here?
I have only stayed here once for one night back in 2002.  So I cannot tell you much about what the rooms are like, especially since when I stayed there the rooms were not yet redone.  Anyone that has stayed here for a full trip PLEASE comment below and I will post a guest post from you with a more personal detail about it!  :-)

What I like about it:
I LOVE the location!!!  You can walk to the Magic Kingdom!  Can't complain about that feature, right?!  And it isn't a long walk, maybe 10 minutes.  The views are fantastic if you pay for the upgrade or if you get upgraded for free - hey it happens when you are checking in!  You could have a view of Cinderella's Castle from your balcony...imagine that!  I also love that the monorail stops there, and it doesn't just stop there it drives right through the hotel!  You won't find this at any other resort on Disney property.  There is something to be said for being on the monorail loop.  One of our favorite restaurants and most popular in Disney is also located here - Chef Mickey's.  All in all there are a lot of great pluses for the Contemporary Resort!

What I didn't like:
I am not a fan of the decor or theming.  I am not a contemporary person, so that design for the rooms and such was not for me.  The lobby is kind of cold in my opinion, especially compared to the other resorts on property.  All of this though does not take away from the pluses in my opinion!

Would I stay here again?
If the price was right I would DEFINITELY stay here!!  Like I said that walk to the Magic Kingdom in and of itself is a HUGE selling point right there!  Plus I would love to stay on the Monorail loop!

Next up.....Disney's Fort Wilderness

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