Monday, May 16, 2011

Resort Review - Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

Sit back and get ready to RELAX!  If camping is your style then this is the resort for you!  I grew up staying here and to this day it still holds incredible memories and will always be one of my favorite places to stay!

Welcome to....

Here are two videos from Disney Parks Media - one is the campsites, one is the cabins!  :-)

Some Facts:
  • Website: Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground Information
  • Category: Moderate (cabins)
  • Location: Magic Kingdom Resort Area
  • Pricing: 
    • Campsites from $46/night
    • Cabins from $275/night
  • Rooms Available:
    • Tent/Pop-Up Hookup
    • Full Hookup
    • Preferred Campsite
    • Premium Campsite
    • Cabins
Resort Map:

Have I personally stayed here?
Yes - more times than I can count!!  We camped here in our family RV when I was a kid growing up.  Once we got rid of the RV we started staying in the cabins.

What I like about it:
I think my opinion is slightly clouded since this particular resort is filled with childhood memories, but there is definitely something special and different about Fort Wilderness.  You won't get the feeling that you get here anywhere else you stay on property.  When you stay in the cabins you feel like you have your own little house - driveway and deck included!  Camping is as good as it gets as far as camping goes!  Amenities galore!  There is also the proximity to the Magic Kingdom!  It is just a boat ride away!  Not to mention that there is so much to do at the resort - lots of bike riding available and pony rides, the stables, great food - Trails End is one of our favorite meals! - and of course the campfire and movie nightly with Chip and Dale!!  Also a very important PLUS - the cabins sleep 6!!  What a great option for those bigger families!!  :-)

What I don't like:
The internal transportation!  UGH - I don't like it AT ALL!!  I hate to say this because when I was little the transportation was great.  I thought maybe I was just remembering wrong, but I asked my parents and they also agreed that it was better way back when.  They used to have trams that ran, now it is buses.  To get to the buses for the parks you have to take a bus (depending on your location), same with getting to the boat or the restaurant.  When we go we rent a golf cart, which is fun for sure, but it is also a bit pricey.  The only other downfall - no counter service.  :-(

Would I stay here again?
Of course!!  In fact I really want to camp for a couple nights here and then move from here and stay at a deluxe or something.  "Rough" it for a couple days you know!  :-)  I can also definitely seeing us stay in a cabin again.

Next up....Disney's Polynesian Resort - with TWO special fan reviews!!  :-)

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  1. Great review! I am not a camper, but I think it would be fun to stay here in one of the cabins one time!