Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Ok last week I told you about comfortable shoes...this week - prepare yourself and your family.

Many of us are not as active as we should be and if that is you, then you need to prepare yourself for a Disney vacation.  You will be walking an awful lot.  Think miles everyday.  In fact it has been stated on several sites that the average Disney goer walks 5 - 7 miles PER DAY!!!

My suggestion, start a nightly walk with your family and increase the distance.  As the trip gets closer walk in the shoes that you plan to use while down there if possible.  This will show you how well you really enjoy walking in the shoes you think are best. 

Not only will you get fit for your trip and for yourself, but you will be ready for the Disney touring that is awaiting you!!  Funny with all that walking I never lose any weight while there....must be all the food!!  ;-)

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  1. This post caught my eye, as I routinely treat the post-Disney injuries that come from "too much of a good (great) thing!! I like your suggestions :D