Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tip

So this may seem like a simple enough tip, but hey, it's gotta be said!

Wear COMFORTABLE shoes!!!  I know, I know, not much of a tip.  But let me tell you a little story....

We went to Disney one year.  I get there thinking ok, I am ready to go.  Open my suit case and realize...uh oh, I forgot my sneakers!!  So a trip was made and I got a new pair of sneakers at a local store.  I would have been better off in dollar store flip flops!  My feet hurt so bad, not because the sneakers were bad, they just weren't broken in.  I learned my lesson big time!

I have to say no matter, what the shoes are, be sure to break them in and make sure they are super comfy to walk in since you will be walking...A LOT!

My personal favorite Disney touring shoes...Crocs!  Yup I wear 'em and I love 'em!  I got my first pair when I was down in Disney as a matter of fact.  We got there and I got out my sneakers.  I am not a fan of closed in shoes.  I live for warm weather and flip flop wearing summer days!  So when I am in warm sunny FL the last thing I want is to walk in sneakers all day.  My feet ache at the end of it all.  Well the answer to that problem, for me, has been Crocs.  When we were down there, my mom already had the Crocs and she said try them.  I didn't want to...I thought like many that they were ugly.  But I tried and man alive are the COMFORTABLE!!

Ever since I have not gone back, I am a crocs convert and I LOVE them!!  But that is not what this post as about, at least not completely.  It was about a tip for comfortable shoes.  You will walk MILES every day, so be sure to keep those feet comfy cozy or it will be a LONG painful vacation!

Happy walking Disney friends!!!

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