Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Month in Disney - May 2011

May gets back to normal after a busy Easter and Spring break season come to an end, but summer craziness is just around the corner!  Here is what to expect in May!

Park Hours in May -

  • Magic Kingdom
    • Opening time is consisitent at 9am.  There are some early morning extra magic hour openings at 8am.  (Resort guests only for the extra magic hours!)
    • Closing time varies between 9pm and 11pm
    • Magic Kingdom Official Calendar
  • Epcot
    • Epcot never really strays from their 9am to 9pm operating hours. There are some extra magic hours here and there in the morning (8am to 9am) and evenings (9pm to midnight).
      • Note: The World Showcase does not open until 11am
    • Epcot Offical Calendar
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios
    • Average opening time is 9am. With a few early morning extra magic hours in there.
    • Average closing time is between 7pm and 9pm. It varies due to whether or not Fantasmic will be playing that night. There are some evening extra magic hours as well.
    • Hollywood Studios Official Calendar
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom park
    • Opening time is 9am on extra magic hour days it is 8am.
    • Closing time stays fairly consistent at 6pm with a few nights of staying open til 7pm.
      • Note: When I have stayed for extra magic hours here before the safari stops operating by a certain time regardless of the closing time. There will be signage in the front of the park and near the ride to alert you of the last departure time.
Closed for Refurbishment
  • Magic Kingdom
    • The Enchanted Tiki Room – Under New Management (Tuesday, March 1 - Thursday, June 30)
  • Epcot
    • No closures to report at this time
  • Hollywood Studios
    • Star Tours – The Adventures Continue - (Wednesday, February 2 - Thursday, May 19)
  • Animal Kingdom
    • No closures to report at this time
Have a Magical Trip!!!

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