Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Fun in Disney...or pretty darn cheap!

Hi there guys and gals!

My tip for having some free fun in Disney this week.  Take a ride on the monorail.  Completely free and the KIDS love it!  If you can be patient when you get to the loading station ask about riding up front with the driver! (update: sadly riding up front is no longer an option)  Great view and again...the kids LOVE it!!

You can ride the monorail on the Magic Kingdom Resorts loop and even get off at each resort and walk around.  The resorts are all themed so differently and the three on the loop are all terrific.  The Contemporary Resort has some great shops in it as well!  When doing the resort loop you will also get to experience riding right through the Contemporary Resort.  Be sure to look out and see Chef Mickey's!  This is one of our favorite character dining experiences!!  You can also try hopping off at the Polynesian and getting that island feel.  If you decide to stop here check out Kona Cafe Coffee Bar.  Yum!!  You can also take in the grandness that is the Grand Floridian.

After you have finished the loop and have toured the monorail resorts, hop off at the at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) and switch on over to the Epcot monorail.  If you didn't get to ride in the front car before try to do it now.  Just tell the Cast Member working that you would like to ride in the front car, it may mean waiting an extra bit, but as I said before, it is worth it!!  This is a bit longer of a ride and has no stops, but you will get to ride through all of Epcot.  :-)  If you have park passes hop on off and head into Epcot.  If this isn't a park day for you, then stay on and get back to the TTC and take the bus back to your resort!


  1. We love riding the Monorail!

  2. We like to do this the first day we arrive at Disney when we aren't spending the day at the parks. When we were there last month, they were not allowing guests to ride up front. I'm not sure if this is a new policy after the monorail accident last year or if there was just an issue that day.

  3. We have never sat up front with the driver before. I did not know you could do that! It is going on my list! Thanks!

  4. Oh really...I didn't realize they stopped doing this. Maybe it is because of the accident. Well for those that got to do it, it was definitely fun!