Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Keep the Magic Alive!!!

So you are at home...wherever that may be.  For me it is Pennsylvania.  But you are missing Disney World.  Well we have covered lots of great ways to keep the Magic alive at home and here is another way...

Disney movie night!  We usually have a movie night once a week in our house.  Usually on the first non school night when we don't have anything special going on first thing in the morning. After dinner the kids run upstairs, get on their pjs and come down ready for movie night.  Popcorn gets popped, drinks get poured, and several times a Disney movie is selected.  (No we don't do a Disney movie EVERY week.  Not my choice...haha!!) 

Watching on of the movies from our Disney DVD and VHS (yes we still have a working VCR!) always puts me in the Disney mood!  I am thinking of breaking out some of the good old ones for this week.  We don't just do cartoons, either, although my son is still fairly young and won't always sit through a full length "real people" movie.  Some days while he is napping my daughter and I watch a classic - Polyanna, Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap (original) get the idea!

When we watch a Disney movie, especially as a family, it just brings a little bit of Disney magic into our house!!

So plan your family Disney themed movie night today and keep the magic alive while you are at home!!!

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