Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amazon Mom - FREE Shipping

Hey there Disney Friends!!

I just wanted to pass along this terrific deal!  I know it is not completely Disney related, but hey it can save you money....money that you can use for Disney, so there I related it!!  :-)

Amazon Mom is a great service provided by Amazon.com.  When you sign up you get 3 months of FREE Amazon Prime Membership.  So what's so great about Amazon Prime?  Well you get FREE 2 day shipping!  And there is no minimum.  That's right, FREE!  Now regularly with Amazon you can place an order and if it is over $25 you can get FREE super saver shipping.  And that is great, I love it and use it all the time.  But what is even better - how about no minimum and have it get her in 2 days instead of 3-5?! 

You can extend the 3 months free by purchasing $25 or more in the baby store.  Every $25+ purchase earns you another month.  So you could end up with 12 months (that's the max) of Free Amazon Prime.  My time ran out, but I do need to buy a few packages of diapers and a birthday present for my nephew so I am hoping those purchases will bump me back in for a couple more months!  I had it at Christmas time and LOVED it!!

Amazon Mom - sign up here

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