Monday, March 14, 2011

Autograph Tips

One of the benefits of booking with me is you will get a giftcard ($7.50 per child) to be able to purchase a Authentic Disney Parks autograph book as seen here. We usually get a new one every trip. It's just one of the things my kids love to do! I know of some people that make their own at home or buy just a notebook. There are other fun ways I have seen people collect autographs from their favorite Disney characters that I am thinking of trying on our next trip - one is getting them on a hat or a T-shirt. Be sure to bring a sharpie marker with you if this is your plan!
We get the majority of our autographs at character meals. But I have been known to stand in the lines if they aren't too long. In fact for some characters this is the only way. Think Tinkerbell....we waited about an hour to meet this famous fairy!!! Her home was once in ToonTown in the Magic Kingdom. Sadly Toontown is gone now. I know my kids and I will miss it. It was a great character meeting area - Princesses and Fairies were here along with other random caharacters and of course this was the place to meet Mickey Mouse.

You can easily find Character Meeting spots on your park maps and by signs throughout the parks. Some signs will even specify what character and the time frame you will be able to see them. Another way to locate character meet and greets and their times of being there is to look at the Times Guide you can pick up upon entering the park and at many concession stands throughout the parks. (These are also helpful in locating park hours, parade and show times, etc.)

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