Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesdays Tip - Strollers

For me strollers are a HUGE neccesity with small children. I am talking 6 and under AT least! My daughter will rarely sit in it for long periods of time anymore - she is 5 and a half now (can't forget that all important half!) - but man oh man at the end of the day that stroller comes in handy. When she isn't using it, well sometimes we will just leave it parked in the land are we are in or we use it to tote all our stuff. Now my 3 year old - I couldn't make it in Disney without my stroller!!
Some people don't like to bring a stoller with them though. They don't want to deal with it in the airport if they are flying or have it take up space if they are driving. Totally understandable, but here is a money saving tip: DO NOT RENT FROM DISNEY!!! They really are a rip off on pricing and if those kids are tired as you are trying to get to your form of transportation at the end of a LONG day or worse if they are sleeping, you have to turn that baby in as you exit. Well that walk and wait in line can be made even LONGER with a sleeping child (dead weight) or the cranky kid that just woke up or is too tired to stand. Not to mention they aren't the most comfortable looking things. (See picture!)
So what to do? Rent from an off site location! They will drop it off to your resort! It is cheaper (WAY cheaper) than Disney and you get to keep it with you at all times. At the end of your trip they pick it back up. I have never used this service, but have heard people mention it on the disboards.com. Check out the family board and see what people there recommend as far as a company goes. Me I just bring my own. I LOVE my strollers - I have a Maclaren Quest and a Graco Travel System - the biggie that holds all the good stuff! It is just my preference. :-)

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  1. I totally agree about not using the stroller rentals at Disney. I've used Magic Stroller twice and have been very pleased.