Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rider Switch

Going to Disney with a little one and think that means you won't be able to go on the "BIG KID" rides? Think that you have to wait again after the other adult you are traveling with has gone on with the child that is tall enough for you to get to experience the fun of Splash Mountian? Well think again!!! Disney has a great program called Rider Switch. I am always amazed at how few people know about this handy tool and I find myself making sure to tell everyone I help book a trip that I know it will benefit. So how does it work....
Well basically you go up to the entrance with the child that is too small for the ride in question. (This works only for height requirements as far as I know, not for children that are simply too scared to ride.) There will be a cast member there, tell them you are in need of a rider switch ticket. This is what you will receive:
As you can see it says the ride it is for, the date (it is only good on the date it is issued) and that it is good for up to 3 guests! That's right you don't have to go on alone or wait in line again. Nor do you have to go on as soon as the rest of your party gets off. Simply get your ticket and arrange a meeting place with those in your party that are going to ride then and off you go. Head on over and do some shopping if you are lucky enough to have the little one sleeping in their stroller, or if they are up take them on some rides that they can do.
This is a great way to make the most of your time in the parks too rather than sitting and waiting for your group. I have to say it will be a sad day when we no longer have a little on in our party that we can get a rider switch pass for! It is something we have been using for the past 8 to 10 years at least! And the older kids love it too because they get to ride again without waiting in the long line or waiting for a new fast pass to become active. Remember if you are in a large group with several kids that are too small and more than one person sitting and waiting then be sure to get more than one rider switch pass. Each person waiting will have to walk up with the child they are waiting with, but it is so worth it!!
So there is a secret, although it isn't meant to be one, so I guess a better way to describe it is a little known fact about making your Disney touring a little easier and more fun! Oh and it takes the argument out of who is going to sit out and wait!!

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