Thursday, March 31, 2011

Resort Review - Port Orleans Riverside

Welcome to the resort that is full of Southern Charm!  The Port Orleans Riverside is the sister resort to the Port Orleans French Quarter (review later) and has to be my favorite of the moderates!  As with the other reviews take a look at this great video from AllEarsNet!

When you walk in you immediately notice the large atrium ceiling.  The grandness of the south greats you.  From here you can enter into the shop, check in or down a ramp to the dining areas.  Port Orleans Riverside is the ONLY moderate with a table service restaurant - Boatrights.  Try it out one time for breakfast - the sweet potato pancakes are delish!  There is also a bar at Port Orleans Riverside that on some nights offers live entertainment - a piano player, so be sure to take some time to enjoy this as well!!

The buses pick up right outside the lobby doors and there is also a boat ride to Downtown Disney!!  Another great extra you can enjoy when staying at either of the Port Orleans resorts!  The Riverside is a LARGE resort with several sections, meaning extra bus stops, so be prepared for that.

I have to say one of the biggest pluses of this moderate resort is the option for a family of five to stay here!  As many with more than two children can atest too the accomodations for a family of five or more is limited on Disney property.  Well for those that are a family of five, here is your solution!  You will be able to have a trundle bed in your room!  The Alligator Bayou section of Port Orleans Riverside is where they will like to put you first.  This section is themed after the less affluent areas of Port Orleans - Cajun Country.  The other section is Magnolia Bend, themed after the richer section, also known as the Mansion buildings.  Not only are the outer buildings differing in themes but so are the actual rooms!  Here are some pictures:
One of the Alligator Bayou Buildings - courtesy of

One of the Magnolia Bend Buildings - courtesy of

One of the Alligator Bayou rooms - courtesy of

One of the Magnolia Bend rooms - courtesy of
Ol' Man Island - courtesy of
Pools and other entertainment - There are several quiet pools (5 to be exact) scattered throughout the resort, but the main pool is behind the main building and centrally located.  It has a waterslide - an upgrade you get when staying at a moderate over the value resorts.  There is also a marina where you can rent boats and bikes!  Great information can be found here!  Not only that but there are pirate cruises you can take, horse drawn carriage rides, fishing, playgrounds, an arcade and more!!!  Here is some great detailed information.

So there you have it - Port Orleans Riverside in a nutshell.  I haven't stayed here in awhile, so I had to do my research on it!  I really do love it there and hope to stay there again soon!

There is a great site I found when looking for pictures and information about the two Port Orleans resorts.  Check out The Unofficial Visitor's Guide to the Riverside and French Quarter.  The pictures of the buildings and pools are from this site.  It also has a great FAQ and way more information then I would ever have about these resorts.  They put great effort into their site and it is terrific if you are deciding to stay at either the Riverside or French Quarter, so be sure to take a look!

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