Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Linking your Reservation to & ADRs

How to link your reservation to your account and set up ADRs!

Linking your reservation to your account is great for many reasons!  But the biggest one is it's help in the Adavanced Dining Reservation online booking system - aka ADRs.  Gotta learn that Disney lingo!  :-)

Click on My Reservations ^
Now click on Retrieve Reservations.
On the Walt Disney World site click on my reservations.  If you are not already signed in or registered with them you will be prompted to do so now.  To the far right you will see a spot to Retrieve Your Reservations.  And a pop up will appear and you.
 Here - if you booked through me, which I am assuming you did (wink wink!) - you will go to the drop down and put in through a travel professional and then put in your confirmation email.  Disney will load up your reservation and give you the number of days til your vacation.  If like in my case for today you are at the magic 180 day mark you now want to click the Where to Eat tab and select Make Dining Reservations.
See...I told you EASY!

Once you have done that you will come to this lovely screen!
No go on and book away!  Of course if you want I will help you with all of this, but you will have to give me login information to have it set to your account.  As you can see in the above screen shot there is a link that says "I want to use my dining plan to book reservations".  If you booked a Magic Your Way plus dining package you can use this.  Comes in handy for those ADRs you have to prepay for - think Cinderella's Royal Table.  Yes a credit card will still be needed to hold, but you won't have to prepay!  Keep in mind if you get there and decide to pay out of pocket (I recommend this as it is not worth 2 dining credits!) you can, but also know that if you don't show or don't cancel within 48 hours they will charge your credit card that you used to hold it.  So back to using your dining plan to the link and then get to this screen:
Put in your information and yay all linked up!
Now you can start booking.  Once you have booked them because you have associated it to your reservation you will find all your ADR information on your main My Reservations page!

Like I said I will gladly do this process for you, but it will require that I get your password.  You can always change it if you want!

Happy Vacation Planning Disney friends!!!

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