Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Fun in Disney!

So I have decided to include a new part of the blog and give you tips on free fun things to do in Disney. It might not all be 100% free, but it will be pretty darn close. I am going to start with activity I am really wanting to try on our next trip. Searching for Hidden Mickeys. This is such a popular activity that there are books written about it, scavenger hunts set up, iPhone apps and entire websites that focus just on this topic!
Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets, 4th Edition

So what's a hidden Mickey?
 Well to give you a proper history lesson, I went to and searched Hidden Mickey, there is a whole section on it!  Tells you how big a deal this Hidden Mickey business is!!  The below information is credited to The Hidden Mickeys.

What exactly is a Hidden Mickey?

  A hidden Mickey is a image of Mickey Mouse, usually the head, blended in to the design of a building, hotel, rides, trash can foliage or anything else in a Disney Park.

The classic hidden Mickey is the three circles, two smaller ones for the ears. There is also the profile Mickey. It is not uncommon to see images of Mickey’s pants or gloves floating around also.

How did it Start?

It all stated as a joke with the Disney Imagineers. Urban legend has it that when they were designing EPCOT, the original plans were to not include Mickey and company anywhere in the park. To spice things up, the Imagineers decided to include Mickey, but in a somewhat understated fashion – hence the birth of the Hidden Mickey.

Since then, they Hidden Mickeys have made their way around all the parks. Just because there is a Mickey head somewhere does not make it a Hidden Mickey. Anything done with the intent to be seen by all does not qualify, and not as hard to find either.

 Now back to me!  :-)  There are apparently over 600 that have been documented although the Walt Disney Company does not keep track of how many are actually out there in the parks and also in movies too!

They aren't just in the parks - you can go resort hopping (another free activity to be covered later) and find them in the carpets, on water slides, on the walls, you name you could look and find a mouse!

Like I said I keep an eye out daily as do my kids.  It is a fun little game and keeps the magic close to home for us.  Here is kinda one that I found, it was good enough that I snapped a shot of it and posted it to facebook!!
Do you see it???  Hahaha!!!  The kids did!

So here is an activity that you can do, whether in the parks, or just on the resorts grounds that will cost you nothing!  You can even get lists at The Hidden Mickeys telling you where to find them or check out the book I posted here.  :-)

Happy Mickey Hunting!!  

Do you know where to find a Hidden Mickey or have a picture of one you have encountered?  Email me or share the image on the facebook page - Be Our Guest on Facebook and of course you can comment below!

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