Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Park Hoppers

Heellllooooo Disney Fans!

So you are here to hear the tip of the day?! Well my favorite ticket upgrade is the Park Hopper Option!

Why - well you can really get the most out of your stay and your Disney tickets if you add this - I think - inexpensive add on.  What is great about it?  Well you can go to as many parks in one day as you want. Lets say you planned and planned. Went to touringplans.com and found out what the best park was and everything, but you get there and BAM it is INSANE for some reason. Who knows why, but all you know is it is not where you want to be! So go...leave and head over to another park. Maybe there was two best parks listed, try the other. If you don't have the park hopper, you are stuck there. You have entered, that is your park for the day.

Another reason I LOVE park hopping - food! Epcot has some terrific restaurants, but I don't necessarily want to be in Epcot every day. Or maybe I could only get Le Cellier on Wednesday, but that is the day that Epcot is listed as the worst and super crowded, but MK is supposed to be great. Well I can go to MK all day and have fun, hop the monorail and boom I am in Epcot and can go eat my dinner and as a bonus catch Illuminations!

Can you do a Disney trip without the park hopper - sure can! I know many that do, but for me it is a must have! If you want to start out without them that is fine. It is another great thing about Disney, if you change your mind, just go to the ticket counter and ask to add it on. For me I like having it all paid for before I go! :-)

Happy park hopping! ;-)


  1. We LOVE the park hopper option and wouldn't dream of going without it. It makes everything so easy and hassle free. I love being able to bounce from place to place on a whim. The other option we like is the no expiration option. We got that one with the last tickets we bought. We got 6 day passes, used 3 while we were there and still have 3 more for whenever we finally make it back down. It's a great way to take advantage of cheaper daily prices by purchasing more days.

  2. I've never used Park Hopper but think it will probably be something we do when our son is a little older. So far, I've been able to work our schedule around one park a day. We find that after about 5-6 hours in the parks our son has pretty much reached his limit so we haven't felt the compulsion to try two parks in one day. I think it might also be more beneficial during the summer months when the parks are open longer and you are fighting bigger crowds. Because our son is not in school yet we've been able to go when the crowds aren't quite so bad.