Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

Hey there Disney Fans!!

Ok my tip today is a simple one! Take pictures of your passes! Did you know that if you lose your Disney park ticket you can get it replaced? Now for some of you this is not an issue - Annual Passholders simply go to the ticket counter with your ID and they will reissue it, those with a Key To The World (what you get with a vacation package) just need to get a new Key To The World from the front desk of your resort. But those that just have a park hopper - whether it be from the Disney Store, a broker, or where ever, if you lose that ticket it's gone right? WRONG!!

If you lose your ticket and have the numbers that are on the back they can reissue your ticket!! That's right, Disney will replace the ticket if you produce those numbers. The old one will become void. So the way I have handled this in the past - take a picture with my phone AND digital camera. Plus I usually write it down on a slip of paper that I keep in the room safe. Seem a bit like overkill, well maybe. But what if I lost my bag and my camera, ticket and phone were in there. First I am bummed, but if that was also holding all my ticket records I am even more bummed!! So having a slip with it in the room is a good back up. :-)

Also jot down your photopass number and take a picture of it as well. Why? Well if that gets lost and you have the number you can still access all those photos on disneyphotopass.com when you get home! You create an account and can input several photopass numbers on that account!

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