Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Disney on a Budget - Part 4

We have covered so many ways to save!!  What more could there be.....

1.) Free Fun In Disney! This is a regular feature in the blog of all the fun and free, or pretty darn cheap, things there are to do in Disney!  There are more than you realize, so be sure to check out the past postings on this and see what more is to come.  Not everything costs money...I promise!  :-)

2.) Save your change for kids spending money. Before we head to WDW I have a big bucket.  The kids call it our coin bucket - it's actually a Disney Popcorn Bucket from a past trip! - and we put all of our spare change in there.  I won't use change ever when paying, I always break the dollar and then put the change every week from my purse into the coin bucket.  It really gets the kids involved too!  Mine know that Disney is not a cheap thrill, that we have to save to go.  Then right before we go we head to the bank and exchange our change and single dollar bills too and that is split between the kids and that is there spending money.  There are so many things they will want and it gets to be rather expensive, so having their own money makes them think a little more.  We started when my daughter was 2.5 with this.  Now she didn't completely get it, but I did and it stopped me from spoiling her!

3.) Free Ice Water.  You can get free glasses of ice water at most counter service restaurants!  Refill that water bottle with some free water on a hot day!!  Can't beat free!!  And honestly the tap water is not bad at all!

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