Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Tip - Simple Princess Packing!

Now this may not help all of you, but for those of you with Princesses out there that are HUGE fans of the Princesses and have their Princess dresses, this tip is for you!

If your Princess is like mine, we can't just bring ONE Princess dress.  We have to bring the whole wardrobe.  Emma has - Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella, and Minnie.  She has an occasion to wear them all - in her mind anyway - so she just can't choose.  And when I am packing for a vacation we are all super excited for the last thing I feel like is a fight over which one to leave behind.  So I searched for answers online.  I don't remember where I saw it, but someone had this AWESOME idea!

Fold them up and put them in a freezer bag - one or two per bag and then take a straw and suck out all the air.  Now they will take up much less space!  When you get there take them out immediately and hang them up.  They will pretty much be wrinkle free and they won't take up a ton of space in your bags!!  Everyone is happy....especially your little Princess!!

My son doesn't really have any outfits that are must haves for WDW, but he does have a Buzz outfit that if he wanted to bring I bet this would work too!!

Happy packing!!!


  1. great tip thanks for sharing never though about the straw tip

  2. My wife has commented that we're going to need a separate suitcase for all the ball gowns the next time we go. Thanks for this tip!

  3. This works perfectly! I actually take a quart size freezer bag and put one entire outfit for my son for each day of our vacation. It saves us a bunch of space, plus each morning I don't have to figure out what he is going to wear - it's all ready of him to get dressed with!

  4. Happy to help!!! :-)

    Amanda that is a GREAT idea!!!