Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Tip - The Importance of ADRs

Hello there Disney people!

I posted recently about how to book your ADRs online and some of you may wonder why this is even something you should concern yourself with.  I will tell you why - if you don't book ADRs be prepared to not eat at any of the top restaurants or to sit and wait if that is even an option.

Recently I was talking to some friends about ADRs and how important they are.  Disney has some incredible restaurants to eat at.  Some are higher end, some are buffets, some include characters, etc.  Pretty much all of them will be impossible to get the day of if they are any good and most are!

I can't tell you how many times I have been down in Disney and heard people yelling at Cast Members (aka CMs - disney lingo!) at the reservation desks because there are no openings.  They walk up to the Crystal Palace - where you can eat with Pooh and friends - at 6pm thinking they will just get to sit down and eat.  I like to equate it to the best restaurant in NYC - would you ever think you could just walk up and sit down there?  No.  Well guess what pretty much every restaurant in Disney is this way!  Especially at peak times of year.

Does this mean that without ADRs you won't be able to sit down to eat?  No, not at all.  BUT your chances of getting to eat all the places you want go down, way down.  You can ALWAYS walk up and try, never hurts to try, right?  But be prepared to hear no and to walk away knowing that...well I told you so - LOL!  I have walked up and asked and been seated, but when that has happened I have also sat for 45 minutes waiting.  So be prepared for that as well - with little ones that are hungry this is not always a good time.

If you booked way in advance as I have this time, you get to book at 180 days out from your arrival for your whole trip.   In this case you will pretty much get your choice of where you want to eat.  If you book later and the options have become more limited book what you can and as I said above try once you get there, never hurts.  But my suggestion is to have the ADRs booked as a back up.

I will gladly help you with booking your ADRs, part of my FREE services!

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