Sunday, April 17, 2011

Favorite Rides

This weeks Featured Ride....well I am going to leave the Magic Kingdom and head over to Hollywood Studios.  For those familiar with the parks you may be able to guess what ride I am going to write about this week, for those not too familiar well here it is.....

Toy Story (Midway) Mania

Definitely one of the most popular rides in all of the Disney parks!  Our family one and all loves this 3D fun!  Officially called Toy Story Midway Mania, most will simply call it Toy Story Mania.  This is a ride for the whole family - no height requirement!  Get ready to compete with your family and friends and other rides from the day to get the high score.  Men LOVE this ride - especially those that like video games.  Lines are ALWAYS long and since it is so popular Disney's Fastpass is available but usually runs out very early in the day!

What I love about this ride...For one I love that it is a ride for the whole family.  Another big plus, is that Disney took into account that the ride is super popular and made most of the queue is indoors and Mr. Potato Head is there to provide entertainment!  While a Fastpass is obviously ideal, like I said they are gone very quickly, we have waited in the line - 90 minutes one time!  It is worth it though.  If you can't get a fastpass and you are not going back into Hollywood Studios PLEASE make sure you get on this!  Wait in the line.  We also LOVE the whole ride itself - warning, it whips you around a bit, so hold on.  Hop on in your ride vehicle, put on your glasses and grab the rope and get serious about it all.  My husband and I definitely fight for top score!  Winner gets big time bragging rights and will guarantee that the others you are with will want to ride again!

What is the ride all about...Toy Story Mania was the big addition to Disney's Hollywood Studios back in 2008.  (In fact it officially opened on my 5th wedding anniversary!)  It is located in Pixar Place, themed after the Pixar Studios Campus in California.  Across from the ride is a character meet and greet with your favorite Toy Story Characters - Woody and Buzz!  You will ride in a vehicle that holds four, one of the reasons I think the lines are so long is the time it takes to load and unload the vehicles.  You will then be taken through a array of classic carnival games - all down virtually of course.  Think pie throwing, dart tossing, egg toss, baseball breaking of plates, ring toss and shooting gallery!  This ride is just so much fun!  

Get ready to ride, play and have fun!  There isn't another ride like it!  All in all, one of our favorites, definitely one of my husband's favorite rides - so much so that we got to the DHS at opening for the rope drop so he could ride one more time before his afternoon flight home!  It is fun for kid AND adults!

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  1. We LOVE Toy Story Midway Mania! Unfortunately, on our last trip we didn't have the chance to ride it, but we are making it a priority on our next trip!