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Resort Review - Saratoga Springs

For our first new format of the Resort Reviews I am going to tell you a bit more about - Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. 

Here is a short video tour (these will still be a part of the reviews as long as I can find them) courtesy of Disney Parks Media.

Some facts -
  • Website: Saratoga Springs Information Page
  • Category:  Deluxe Villas Resort
  • Location: Downtown Disney Area
  • Pricing: From $305 per night
  • Rooms Available:
    • Studio - sleeps 4
    • One Bedroom Villa - sleeps 4
    • Two Bedroom Villa - sleeps 8
    • 3/4 Bedroom Grand Villa - sleeps 12
    • Treehouse Villa - sleeps 9
Have I personally stayed here? 
Yes - we have stayed here 3 times now.  Twice in a studio and once in a two bedroom villa.  Each time we have stayed in the same area - The Grandstand.  We like the location as far as not being in the busy part of the main building of the resort, but we were close enough to walk easily to the main building.  We had a nice pool right outside our room, but again we were just a short walk to the main pool.  It was a great location.

Here is a look at a map of the resort - as you can see it is large and spread out.  Similar to a moderate in layout.

What I like about it:
 We are big fans of the upstate New York and travel to Lake George every summer.  Lake George is just a short drive to Saratoga.  We really like the look and atmosphere of the resort.  Our rooms were very nice and spacious.  The decoration was simple and elegant and the colors were soothing.  The studio was the perfect size for our family of four plus my mother - my son was just 3 months, so we were allowed to have 5 in the room.  When we went and stayed in the 2 bedroom, well I just cannot say enough about how much I LOVED all the space.  It was awesome!

The pool by the Grandstand section that we stayed in was very nice and relaxing.  There is a small area for the kids to play here and a drink station.  The laundry area was also located right by the pool, all in all a great location.  We had a car, but I also liked that we were the first picked up on the bus when going to the parks and the first dropped off coming back.  The main pool is fantastic!  There is a great "big kid" slide - although any age can go on it - even Moms and Dads!  They also have a "little kid" slide, which my, at the time 2.5 year old, daughter really liked.  The main pool is also a zero entry pool, which is always nice for the little ones.

The quick service dining option is very nice and has great choices, with specials every night.  At the tables they have easels with crayons to keep the kiddos busy while you are finishing up eating.

What I didn't like:
I don't particularly care for the location of the resort.  It's not that it is far from everything because it really is not, but I don't know why.  I guess it is just a preference.  Maybe it is that it is so close to being off Disney property and that makes it a mind over matter thing, who knows!  I really don't, but as I have said many times before picking a resort is such a personal decision, and this just goes to show how true that is.

I also don't care for the fact that it is set up like a moderate - meaning very large, outside entry (you don't enter a lobby and go down halls to your room and take elevators, etc.  But instead enter motel style with your room's main entry outdoors.) and lots of bus stops.  This is not something that can be changed, but just something I don't care for - again no rhyme or reason.  I guess it is just when I am paying deluxe prices I expect deluxe accomodations, and that is not just the room, but all of what the resort has to offer.  I guess this is why I researched so much and found the Grandstand building to be the one I always request and cross my fingers to get when I stay here.  This way I don't have to experience the largeness of the resort.  I know it is a long bus ride to the park with it being the first stop, BUT you have a seat and I would rather have the long ride there then the longer ride coming back from a long park day.  Again just my opinion.

Lastly - there is not enough seating in the quick service place at all and it is very congested in the ordering area.  Food is good, as I mentioned, and there is a pretty good selection.  The store, which is connected to the quick service, sharing registers (problem right there) is small and has a very small selection. 

Would I stay there again?
For the right price, probably.  I swore after the first time that I wouldn't, but it really is nice and if I get a good deal I will take it, any day.  However it will never be my first choice, probably not even my second or third.  But be sure to look at all the information that I have shared at the beginning here.  This could be the PERFECT resort for you and your family.  :-)

Is this the right resort for you?  Well if it is and you were thinking of traveling to Disney this summer then book TODAY!!  Currently Deluxe Villas are some of the only rooms that are part of the only special available right now!  Check out the special offer here. 

Are you a fan of this resort?  I would love to get another opinion, as I am sure others here would as well!  Please email me at with your review of the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa and I will post it here!   

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