Sunday, April 3, 2011

Favorite Rides

Helllllooooo Disney Lovers!  :-)

So I asked a friend for advice on some things to blog about and she mentioned talking about my favorite rides.  So why not.  Although this should last me a long time to write about since I don't think I have a Disney ride that I don't like.  I may even take the chance to discuss a favorite that I miss.  Be sure to check out the Live 365 link on my sidebar too because I gotta tell you listening to this has really helped keep me in the Disney posting spirit!!

Ok so my featured favorite ride today.....lets go classic and talk about the ride that we start our trip off with.  Just mentioning the name will probably get a certain song stuck in your head for the rest of the day!  (Hey I warned ya!)

It's A Small World

Yup that is the one.  I gotta say I LOVE this ride.  Does it get slightly old after the 100th time we have rode it on a trip because it is also one of my kids favorites?  Ummmmm I guess so.  But no not really...LOL  And I don't even mind having that classic song stuck in my head either.  It's A Small World first premiered at the World's Fair in NYC in 1964.  You can now find this classic ride in every Disney Resort Worldwide in Fantasyland.

What I love about this ride?  It is the perfect ride for the entire family.  There is nothing scary about it, it isn't too fast, you can all sit in the same vehicle and enjoy it together and for us it puts us in the Disney spirit.  I have been traveling to my happy place - that would be WDW for those that haven't figured that out yet! - since 1982.  When I was a kid we went every other year, as an adult we go more often and this is always our first ride.  The line moves very quickly!  I can always tell when the park is really crowded when there is a super long line at It's A Small World!

What is the ride all about? I even need to tell you?  I think even those that have NEVER been to Disney know about It's A Small World, but ok lets pretend you don't!  Well it is a boat ride through several rooms with different themes of around the world.  It ends with a room combining all the rooms and then lastly you are wished goodbye in every language you can think of!  All the way through you are seranaded by the wonderful It's A Small World Song!  Lyrics and Music

The ride in Magic Kingdom (WDW) has gone under a few refurbishments over the years, the biggest being in May of 2004 until March of 2005.  During this time it got a new state of the art sound system, new lighting effects and a new loading area similar to Disneyland. 

All in all this is a MUST do!  I can't wait to ride it on our next trip!  The kids are already saying - we are doing It's A Small World first...and then well there is where there is differing opinions.  :-)


  1. You already know I love talking about my favorite Disney things, I look forward to hearing about your favorite Disney rides!!

  2. Mine too! We were there a few years ago and when we got off the ride, we were handed hats saying we weer the 1,000,000th riders - of course, they gave the hats to about 100 of us! We almost went there this past week - glad we didn't with the bad storms! Maybe next year!

  3. Oh wow Nan - to be the 1,000,000th rider group must have been so cool!! What a special experience! Hey if you decide to go next year...keep me in mind for booking! :-)

  4. I LOVE It's A Small World! I have some really special childhood memories on that ride. When I was little, my grandparents lived in Florida and would take us to WDW when we visited. Every time I go on that ride I can still hear my Grandfather whistling the tune beside me. I get choked up every stinking time I go on that ride. Even reading this post I got choked up thinking about riding It's A Small World with my PopPop. Thanks for bringing back those special memories.

  5. That was one of my favorite rides when we went to Disney World : ) I just love it. It is a classic! I am so glad you are joining Philly Social Media moms! Welcome! We are lucky to have you. I will absolutely refer you to any of my friends that are making a trip to Disney World!

    Welcome. Love, Becky

  6. Hi! Just found you through a blog hop and now following, i hope you can follow back also! I'd appreciate it so much :-)
    xoxo from NYC!