Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keep the Magic Alive!!!

So you want to know more ways to live the Disney Magic at home when you are really missing your happy place!  I tell you knowing I have a trip planned always helps - hint hint...wink wink!!  ;-)

But I digress!  My kids and I LOVE watching video clips on our computer from past trips, but if you don't have that there is always YouTube and Disney Parks has a channel there.  Although there is plenty to see from many others as well!!  Here are two videos that we watch at least once daily!  In fact they are in my daughter's favorites folder that we have set up on the computer!!  :-)

Model Day at the Magic Kingdom - Disney Parks channel
Model Day at Epcot - Disney Parks Channel

I also love watching videos people post of the fireworks and my new favorite is the World of Color, which is only in Disneyland in California.  We haven't been there, but definitely a bucket list item!  That is a 27 minute video though, so I will let you watch that on youtube.  Here's the link to it - World of Color.

Enjoy and go ahead and search for some of your favorites and feel the excitement and try to pretend you are there!!  In the videos I posted here the kids and I like to pretend and point and say - ohh look there we are!  Have fun and happy viewing!!

How do you keep the magic alive once you get home?

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