Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Keep the Magic Alive!!

If you are like me you come home from a trip to Disney and just cannot wait to get back!  Maybe you are even a little sad that it is over and start dreaming of that next trip - planning it from your phone on your drive home or talking about it on your flight!

Well welcome to my new series - Keep the Magic Alive!!

Tip for today on keeping the magic of Disney alive while at home....

Check out Magical Mouse Radio!  I have been listening and just the other day I got to listen to Magic Kingdom theme park music all morning!  Can I just tell you - it puts you in the spirit!  You here the music of Wishes and close your eyes and you can see them!  Listening to the music as it actually plays on the rides or hear the monorail loop!  I am telling you it works!

So go listen to the Magic!!  :-)  And me - - and we can plan that next trip!!!  :-)

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