Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disney on a Budget - Part 5

Well my friends this will be the final post of the Disney on a Budget series!  I have given you most of my best ideas in the previous posts.  If I come up with another great budget tip I will include it on the blog!!  Be sure to see the links at the end of this post taking you to the first 4 parts of this series!  :-)

So here are my final tips....

1.) Pack Snacks. You are permitted to bring in small soft sided coolers into the parks, as well as outside food and non alcholoic drinks!  This is important to note because there are places out there that do not allow any outside food or drink on the premises.  We bring in small snacks and water with us in a small cooler.  Think - grapes and other small fruits, yogurt tubes, cheese sticks, etc.  Don't have a cooler - you can still bring in some pretzels, chips, fruit like bananas and apples, etc.  It is amazing what Disney charges for a single banana!!  We can usually get a whole pound for the same price!!

2.) Share Meals.  So you decided not to do the meal plan and you are on a tight budget.  Well you can still eat and not go broke while doing so!  I find that Disney's pricing on food is not nearly as bad as some other amusement parks out there and actually the food is not nearly as bad as some of those places either!  While we always go on a meal plan (I HIGHLY recommend it!) we still share our counter service meals.  They are HUGE portions and certain meals make sharing even easier.  There is a breakfast platter that can easily serve a grown up and at least one child - called the Bounty Platter at most counter service restaurants.  So know the portions of the meals and try to ignore the rumbly in your tumbly and know that you will be able to share!!

3.) Eat in the room.  All Disney resort rooms have at least a small mini fridge - think college dorm room fridge.  A small little cube.  Villas and cabins have a full sized fridge and studios have a bit bigger then a dorm fridge.  Now, why a fridge - well you don't need one for this, but it may be helpful.  Eat breakfast in your room - this may require a fridge for milk, etc.  It is one less meal to spend money on and can also be a time saver as you are not sitting to eat, but rather eating as you get ready.  Or maybe you can pack some sandwiches for in the parks (again assuming you are not on a meal plan) and save that way.  Whatever you decide bringing food and eating in your room or packing it to take with you can be a big money saver!  Food is expensive and you have to eat!

So there you have it!  Like I said I will definitely share more budget tips with you as I think of them, but that is all for this series!!

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  1. We always pack snacks/drinks to take into the park! In the past we have stayed off property and had a full kitchen, so we were able to pack lunches as well to save money!