Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Fun in Disney

Ok here is another edition of Free Fun in Disney!!

There are many places in WDW to visit besides the parks themselves and these places are basically free or have darn cheap activities.  (by Disney standards!)

So are you looking for something fun and free to do in Disney?  How about checking out Disney's Boardwalk?  Yes it is one of the nicest resorts (in my opinion) on Disney property, but did you know that it is so much more than that?

My husband and I stayed at Disney's Boardwalk Resort for our honeymoon.  It remains his favorite, and one of my favorite resorts til this day.  One of the things we noticed while staying there is just how much fun it was to be there.  The best time to visit the Boardwalk is after sunset.  This is when all the lights come on and it is really neat looking!
Disney's Boardwalk area all lit up from across the lake
Now what is there to do there?
  • Many nights you can find street like performers putting on shows on the Boardwalk.  There is a piano player, juggler, etc.  My husband and I would sit up at night on one of the benches and just watch it all.
  • For a small charge there are carnival type games set up.
  • For a charge there are surrey bikes you can rent to ride around the Boardwalk area.
  • There is a cover charge to get in, but if you can go (21 and over) JellyRolls is a great Dueling Piano bar!  Yes there is money to pay for drinks, but the entertainment is enough for me!
  • Check out the ESPN Club - you can sit at the bar and watch a game or grab a table and a bite to eat!
  • Atlantic Dance Studio is fun for a night of dancing (21 and over).
  • Just sit and people watch while the kids dance and play in the large yard area. 
  • There at Halloween?  We have gone for the Halloween Dance Party - it's a blast and completely FREE!  They also have a small amount of trick or treating for the kids to do!
So there you have it.  Not all FREE per se, but inexpensive for the most part and definitely a place to see!!


  1. Hey there!!! Hopping over from ubp11. I'm already following you on twitter and now here on your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by and following! I'm thrilled you did!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blogs! I liked you on FB, and follow you here. I never knew there was so much to do at Disney World that didn't cost a fortune. I'm hoping to take my son there soon, maybe next year depending on the money situation. I've always been a huge Disney fan.

  3. Thanks to both of you!

    @Jeanette - you are welcome! I am looking forward to surfing through your blog after things calm down a bit from the craziness that is the UBP and trying some new recipes!

    @Nikki - there is a ton to do and Disney is always running great deals. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page as that is where I will usually first post the deal and then come here with details. There is SO much to do there that costs next to nothing. I will be posting it all - well all that I know about anyway!